Next Call of Duty title revealed?

call of duty title

An accidental listing on the Playstation Store may well have revealed the name for the next Call of Duty title, no doubt coming at some point during 2016.

According to the listing, the title will be Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The post was discovered by a Reddit user while browsing the ‘Trending’ section of the PlayStation Store on their PS4. The heading in the Playstation Store leads only to a blank page for now, however.

Activision has yet to officially confirm or deny this information, but traditionally, Call of Duty titles are announced during the April/May months, ahead of a November release. So the information could be coming to us just ahead of an E3 reveal possibly.

Following the three-year development cycle implemented by Activision, the latest title may well be in development by Infinity Ward – who originally brought us the Modern Warfare and Ghosts titles within the Call of Duty franchise. This is also believed to be the case by many comments on the Reddit posting due to the ‘Infinite Warfare’ title sharing Infinity Ward’s “IW” initials.

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