Hideo Kojima says Captain America: Civil War is a masterpiece

captain-america-civil-war-hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, is a big fan of cinema. Movie directors love him including Guillermo del Toro and J.J. Abrams. (Abrams referenced Kojima in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.) That’s why it’s sad to hear that Konami scrapped the Silent Hills project that Kojima and Del Toro have been working on, but the good news is that Kojima will be making a new PlayStation 4-exclusive game with his independent studio.

Now the game director has gotten the chance to watch Captain America: Civil War and posted his reaction on Twitter. Yep, the man is loving the movie by calling it a masterpiece and saying it’s amazing.

As for that PlayStation 4 game that’s going to be developed by Kojima Productions, I’m hoping it’s some form of survival horror game with Del Toro as part of the creative team. The movie director did mention that he’ll do whatever Kojima wants him to do during the DICE panel.

Captain America: Civil War has been receiving great reviews so far. The film hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

And now it’s time to listen to some Metal Gear Solid music.

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