New PS4.5 console to be titled ‘Neo’?


So you know how Sony and Microsoft were bouncing around the idea of releasing an upgraded version of their current consoles? Turns out that was pretty true on Sony’s end, as multiple sources have confirmed that not only is it real, but for some reason it’s codenamed Neo, according to GiantBomb. My guess is that it’s not exactly “new” but it’s “neo”. Get it?

joke is bad meme

At any rate, the specs released for it are as follows:

ps4 neo specs

Now I have no idea what most of those mean, but it seems to be a minor improvement over the old specs given. However, the major thing that everyone was worried about was the concern of the NeoPs4 having locked games that only work for it, but thankfully that fear was been deleted as sources indicate that there won’t be any “Neo Only” games.

One other question that’s been brought up by a few people is that will this set a precedent for console makers to just release .5 updated versions of consoles from here on out? Granted it’s hard for them to keep up with PCs in terms of tech, but as far as this writer is concerned, Games > Hardware, especially considering that a lot of the more popular games outside of AAA titles are the retro-looking games like Undertale.

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