CinemaCon 2016: ‘Assassin’s Creed’ trailer description


One of the most anticipated and mysterious films to come out this year is Justin Kurzel’s Assassin’s Creed. Video game films, so far, has been lackluster at best but Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed is poised to change that mentality this year. Judging by the Assassin’s Creed trailer Fassbender looks to fulfill his promise of delivering a film that has a “compelling story, rich characters, and breathtaking action sequences.”

The trailer begins with Fassbender’s present-day character, Callum Lynch, waking up inside Abstergo Industries. Marion Cotillard’s character gets him up to speed by telling him that “his previous life is over. You were executed yesterday and now presumed dead. You no longer exist.”


We see Lynch walking through various parts of Abstergo before being forcefully put in the Animus by the security guards. Lynch is strapped with the assassin’s iconic hidden blades. We see a glimpse of Jeremy Iron’s character, Alan Rikkin, as Lynch wants to know what they want from him. Cotillard informs him that he has “memories of someone who has been dead for over 500 years.”

Take note that the Animus is vastly different than the tanning bed-looking devices from the video games. The cinematic version features a large mechanical arm that holds its user in place by their waist. This version also seems to move as Lynch does, allowing his body to go through the same jumps, flips, and other parkour moves as he experiences them in the Animus. It’s unclear why Abstergo/Templars need this information, but it’s interesting to see how it’ll play out.

Viewers are then whisked away to the 15th-century Spain where we get our first look at Lynch’s assassin/ancestor, Aguilar. 15th-century Spain looks and feels like it was ripped straight from the game, especially with the high camera pan overlooking the city.


From here on out, we get nothing but action scenes set to Kanye West’s “I Am A God.” The action scenes are a fantastic blend of 300 and The Raid. Slow-motion and visceral camera work mixed with fluid, brutal, and fast fight choreography. Of course, we also have various parkour scenes between Aguilar and Ariane Labed’s character, Maria. All of the action sequences are definitely breathtaking. Of course, the teaser trailer concludes with Aguilar doing the leap of faith from atop a high location.

Overall, the footage is quite visually astonishing. Kurzel has a keen eye for visuals, as seen in Macbeth, and it definitely shows in the trailer. There are some questions that gets raised from watching the trailer, but for a teaser trailer, it does its job in piquing the interests of Assassin’s Creed fans and non-fans alike. As for the trailer release, it’s rumored that the trailer will release in May.

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Assassin’s Creed disappears into theaters on December 21st.

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