5 Things I want in Mafia III after watching story trailer

mafia 3

5. More Indoor Environments

Sandbox-stylized games like Mafia and GTA often put us in these gorgeous sprawling environments, but hardly do we ever get to see the inner workings of world. The buildings are often just decorated walls that don’t allow for any interaction. Imagine the level of depth and insight we could learn about the world that’s been constructed if you were able to enter the homes of the inhabitants of New Bordeaux to see firsthand what life was like in 1968.


4. Crocodiles and Alligators

We have seen swamps in the various trailers so wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to tie up victims, put them in the trunk of your car and dump them in a swamp so we can watch or better yet feed the natural wildlife? Now while I mainly just want to watch a croc tear someone in two, this would also be a new creative way to hide bodies and prevent the mob from realizing that someone is out for their heads. OK not really so much, I really just want to see a croc tear someone in two.


3. Dialogue/Contextual Kill Options

With Lincoln Clay’s out for revenge, it sure would be nice to have a bit of control of how we dispatch the key members of the mob on our way to the almost guaranteed bloody conclusion. If I’m supposed to be giving out my own brand of death and destruction, then I want a choice on how I finish off my enemies. While guns will still most likely be the go-to option for players, wouldn’t it be fun to use the environment for contextual kills like smashing someone’s head in with a door, or tossing them face first into a fireplace? If we had more indoor environments like I mentioned earlier, this would expand our options for creative killing.


2. Expanded Wanted System

Anytime we take control of an antihero or vigilante of some sort who is hell-bent on carnage and destruction, there is always a system of checks and balances to attempt and keep order in the world. While the 5-star system that we usually see in most sandbox games works great, it might be a great time for some change in the system instead of killing, being wanted and running away. For example, why not once hitting the 5-star ranking, you have the option to try and strike a deal with the police via releasing hostages for escape vehicles and such. Other options could range from being able to give out bribes if caught by a single member of law enforcement, or possibly finding a way to frame someone else for your crimes and walk away without anyone knowing the truth.


1.  Co-op

Now okay, this one is a long shot but Mafia has had such strong ensemble characters in the past, and the third installment looks to be no different. Imagine being able to tag team with your friends and exact your revenge across New Bordeaux instead of just having A.I. partners like in the past. While adding co-op to a franchise that normally focuses on a single-player experience is difficult to balance, co-op is almost always a game seller in my book if done properly.


Mafia III is a Hangar 13 Production from 2K games and features Vigilante Lincoln Clay on his quest for revenge against the mob so they can suffer like he has.  His final words of the trailer, “We are who we are. No point in arguing with yourself about it,” indicate that he has made peace with himself about what must be done and nothing will get in his way to do so.

Mafia III is scheduled for release on October 7, 2016, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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