Video game soundtracks you MUST listen to

Every few months as I discover and play new video games, I feel like I fall in love with each and every single soundtrack I stumble upon. However, there are definitely those few that happen to stand out to me. So, in a way, I guess you could relate this to something along the lines of my “most recent” favorite video game soundtracks. That is, until, a few months down the line when I play a bunch of new stuff.

First off, is a game called Proteus.

If you haven’t heard of it or played it yet, please do. Anyways, it’s a really simple game that looks like a bunch of pastel pixels thrown into one world. There are trees, animals, flowers, waterfalls, and more. It looks like you would be playing Minecraft, but on a much different scale in the sense that you don’t have technical aspects to be focusing on. No, this game is very much a relaxing, cool down, chill kind of game.

It was originally introduced to me when I was having bad anxiety problems, and my husband put it on for me to play so that I could focus on one thing only. In the end, it helped me out – but the soundtrack was a fundamental part of that. It. Is. Gorgeous.

I honestly don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s very animated and fantasy feeling. It sounds like you’re in some type of fairy land, with lots of mystical elements surrounding you and you’re just really happy. Everything you do in the game essentially makes a sound. The things you see and interact with help make the soundtrack, as they are equally a part of it. Overall, it’s just extremely relaxing and beautiful. It can make me feel better in an instant, and sometimes, all I need is the soundtrack to help.

Recently, I just finished the wonderful game called The Wolf Among Us. This Telltale masterpiece was originally released back in 2013, but I finally heard about it this year and was immediately interested in it. I am the “detective/noir” game type, so I knew I had to play it.

As soon as I got to the main menu screen, the soundtrack already had me in its grasp. As the game progressed, I really fell in love with it as a whole. The music you hear fits perfectly with the setting, filter, and scenarios regarding the game. Sure it’s a detective/mystery-style game, but it’s also a fairytale to some extent. The story is also quite dark, and you have people dying left and right. So to create something so intriguing and mysterious that also ties in with the emotional background of the game as well as being able to honor the fairytales we all know and love really just stood out to me.

Just like Proteus, I look for soundtracks that can really make me feel something or catch my attention over anything else. While The Wolf Among Us is an amazing game all around, the soundtrack makes it 100% + 3 better.

Now, I’ve only played a few games so far this year, and none of them is fairly new mind you. So, for the last one on my list, I decided to include one of my ultimate favorite games – LA Noire.

It may be old, but it’s new to me. And I’m loving every possible second of it. Right off the bat it’s already my favorite type of genre, but what makes it even more perfect is the fact it takes place in the ’40s.

LA Noire is set in 1940s Los Angeles, the same time the Black Dahlia Murders took place. You play as Detective Phelps, a previous police officer and war hero. I’m sure if you’re a huge gamer you’ve played it before, but if you haven’t – hey that’s okay too. But you’re honestly really missing out!

With that being said, the ’40s is one of my favorite time eras – if not my absolute favorite. On a daily basis, I already listen to a copious amount of radio broadcasts and artists from that time. So when I first heard the soundtrack for the video game, I fell in love.

If I had to choose a favorite song from the list, it would have to be the main menu song. It’s just so dark, classy, and really captures the set up for the game. It’s noir and deep, but also very touching and makes you feel like you’re actually a detective in the ’40s. (Which would be my ultimate dream, I think.)

Even though I’ve only included three, it’s only because those were my favorite that I’ve played this year. Of course, there are plenty more that I love dearly, but when would I limit myself?

These games are truly touching when it boils down to the soundtrack. I don’t know about you, but the music behind a game is what truly captures the essence of it. It’s the number one thing that can make you feel like you’re a part of the story. These games have officially accomplished that on every single level.

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