Insomniac to release more Oculus VR games with Feral Rights and The Unspoken

Feral Rites - 01

Insomniac Games, the studio behind the Ratchet and Clank series and Sunset Overdrive, has been tinkering with VR with Edge of Nowhere, a third-person survival game coming out this summer for the Oculus platform. Now the studio has announced that it has two more Oculus VR games coming this year with Feral Rights and The Unspoken.

Feral Rites

This VR action-brawler will be coming to the Oculus Store in Fall 2016. It takes place on a mystical island filled with jungle canopy and ruined temples where your mission is to avenge your father’s death. Players will feel the weight of the island as they get to become a male or female warrior.

Insomniac games are known for having crazy weapons, so the development team’s first rule for Feral Rites is to have no weapons. Yeah, this might sound insane, but the team wants to create a different experience to spice things up for gamers. Some inspiration for the core elements includes The Legend of Zelda with its exploration, God of War with its brawling action, and Altered Beasts with its beast transformation. Stories like H.G Wells’ The Island of Doctor Moreau, Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World and the Edgar Rice Burroughs collections have inspired the game’s mythology.

Check out the screenshots and teaser trailer below.

The Unspoken

unspoken - 01

Edge of Nowhere and Feral Rites are both VR games in third-person that can be controlled by the Xbox One controller. With The Unspoken, Insomniac wants to take us to a world of urban magic where gamers can cast spells and battle with other magicians in first-person using the Oculus Touch. I had the chance to test the game out at Insomniac’s studio during the media day and it was a fun experience.

The tutorial mode will help you with casting spells, like throwing fireballs, creating a shield, creating a paper airplane and turning it into an aerial bomber, sending bees over to attack, and more. If you have played with the Nintendo Wii, then you should have an idea on how motion controls work. Throwing a fireball is as easy as holding the right trigger and aiming at your target, then waving your hand towards the target and releasing the trigger. The shield is brought up by holding the left trigger and holding it where you think you’ll be attacked. My favorite is creating a bomber from a paper airplane. Just flick your left wrist outward to open up the magic list, grab the paper airplane icon with your right hand, follow the directions on the screen, and then throw the plane with your right hand and watch as it drops bombs on your enemy.

The Unspoken will be available at the Oculus Store in 2016 during the holiday.

Check out the reveal trailer and screenshots below.


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