Fear the Walking Dead 2×02 ‘We All Fall Down’ recap & review

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As the sun sets over a peaceful ocean, we see two children making their way down to the beach. Gathering rocks and shells, the children seem unaware of the undead who have washed up on shore. The children continue to collect and arrange the shells, unsuspecting of the zombies moving closer and closer to them. The tension builds as the children finally seem to notice the zombies walking towards them, and right as it seems that this may be the end for the two children, we hear a loud metal noise, as we see that the zombies are separated from the children by a large and long fence.

We jump to the folks on the boat, as Madison is lecturing Nick about how his actions could’ve gotten Travis or Chris killed. Nick reminds her that they’re still looking to help people, and that he thought he heard someone. Nick asks her if they’re still trying to help people, to which she answers, “Yes, people that we can see.” As they are talking, Travis comes in to the room, where he mentions that he has bad news. They all head to see Strand, where Madison tells them that San Diego is gone. The military came through and burned it, by the looks of what the log book Travis found from the abandoned boat. Strand is skeptic, stating that they shouldn’t take it as the truth, yet Daniel asks him that if the log books are within the last two days, what is there to doubt? Strand then reminds the group that his focus is not so much getting there right now, but what is trying to get to them. He asks Daniel what kind of weapon could have done the damage they saw on the boat from the last episode, to which Daniel replies that it was probably a .50 caliber machine gun. Strand agrees, mentioning that a gun that size could only be mounted on a large vessel, much like the one that is chasing them. He points to a screen, showing the group the size of whatever is following them, and reveals that whatever it is, it is fast, and it is definitely trying to catch up to them for some reason.


They decide to hide, choosing a cove, despite Strand’s judgment, that not only is deep but also has a wildlife preserve which may also have a Ranger station with supplies and possibly food. As they head towards the cove, Madison spots a light turned on inside of a house along the coast, and the group decide to dock to investigate. Strand tells the group that he’s going to stay behind so that he can keep an eye on the radar, to which Daniel responds that he and Ofelia will stay to keep him company. Strand lets him know that he doesn’t mind the solitude, but Daniel insists, wearing his skepticism of Strand on his sleeve. The rest of the group head to the dark house, where they find George and his family trying to survive. Madison finds herself in the kitchen with George’s wife, Melissa, talking about her work as a high school guidance counselor, while George’s daughter, Willa, asks Alicia about what the Ring Around the Rosie song means. Alicia tells her about the Bubonic Plague in England, and how people thought that putting some flowers in their pockets could cure them. When asked if that helped, Alicia sadly tells the little girl no.

Daniel’s skepticism has him sitting in the bridge alongside Strand, watching him like an 8-year-old kid watching his older brother to slip up so that he can tell mom. Daniel asks if he was planning to leave anyone behind, mentioning that he may have more people on board than resources, but Strand reminds him that they have plenty of resources, water, and that Daniel’s a hell of a fisherman.

George is talking to Travis in his study, to where he reveals to Travis that he believes that this is nature’s doing; the way people are changing, the way others are reacting, it’s nature’s way of weeding out the weak. That’s why he chose to raise his family on the island, where they can sustain themselves, and protect themselves from anything that comes their way. As Travis leaves to bid him goodnight, George tells him that they’re lucky; they weren’t sure what was on that boat, but now he can see that they’re friends. Travis tells Madison about the conversation he had with George, and Madison deduces that she believes Melissa turned on the light on purpose. Nick talks to Alicia about how he doesn’t know how the two little kids, Willa and Harry, will grow up in a world like this. He feels like something is off at the house.


Early the next morning, Chris finds Seth, George’s oldest boy, as he’s heading to do his “chores”: killing the zombies that have gathered at the fence with an axe that we saw earlier in the episode. Travis, looking for Chris throughout the boat, finds him as he is swinging the axe to kill a zombie. Travis, appalled at how the world has changed from his son taking out the trash, doing the dishes, and folding his clothes to now these kind of “chores”, takes a ride with George, discussing how much life isn’t what it used to be. George tells him it’s the way of things now, that he had been preparing his son for times like these for a while. As Alicia is wandering around, doodling on some bird-watching sign-up list, Nick is on the hunt for some “super pills” Harry told him about yesterday, wondering what he was talking about. After some intense searching throughout the whole house, he finds a small globe that is hiding some yellow pills. As he’s examining the pills, however, Willa interrupts him to go and color with her. Once on board the ship, Nick tells Madison and Travis that he thinks that George is going to perform a mass suicide with his family, using the pills. This is only intensified with the conversation that Madison had with Melissa about the whole reason she flagged down her ship by turning her lights on: she wants Melissa to take Harry and Willa with them.

While all this is going down, Daniel is able to do a proper search out of the watchful eyes of Strand. He finds a safe to which he cracks open, and an assault rifle, loaded and ready. He also finds maps that lead to Mexico and some other paperwork that he takes with him. All the while, Strand is somewhere else on the boat, speaking to someone on a phone. He is arranging a meet-up time of sorts with someone. “I’ll be there,” are the last words we hear from Strand.

Madison, Travis, and Nick are back at the house, as Melissa is tearfully giving them information about the care of her kids. George overhears the conversation, and Melissa pleads with him that this is the best thing for their kids, but the whole fiasco is interrupted as Harry calls for his mom, stating that Willa took her pill. Everyone runs upstairs to see Willa dead on the floor, the yellow pills at her side. Melissa picks up her daughter, distraught, but in her arms Willa begins to turn. Before Madison can tell her that she needs to put Willa down, Willa has already fully turned into a zombie, as she takes a piece out of her mother’s neck. George pleads with Travis to take Harry now, and he’ll take care of Melissa and Willa. Everyone heads for the boat, but once on, Strand tells Madison to put the boy back. “Children are the definition of dead weight.” Madison states that they aren’t leaving him, and that he needs to start the boat so that they can get out of there. Before the argument can escalate, however, a gun shot is heard outside the boat, as Seth makes his way on to the boat, rifle in hand, aimed at Madison. He tells him that this is still their home, and that he’s taking Harry with him. Madison and Travis beg him to let Harry stay, even telling him that he can stay too, but Seth is set on taking Harry back to his home. Madison and Travis give up, letting Harry go, and as they see Seth walking down the pier to the beach, on the other end of the pier is Melissa, turned and growling. Seth tells Harry to turn around and wave to the people on the boat, telling him not to turn around. Ofelia asks her father if he can do anything, to which he replies, “Kid has a rife.” As Madison waves at Harry to keep his attention, Seth points the rifle, and as the boat pulls away, we hear the shot.


The show has picked up this week with the amount of action, as well as psychological horror. The opening scene truly plays on the fears that most people have: seeing children in harms way. The way the scene was shot gives the audience no sense of security until the very end, starting the episode with us already on the edge of our seats. The story played loosely off of last week’s premise, as you get the gist that there is someone after them in the beginning, but the overall plot stood alone as more of an anthological part of the whole journey. The tale gave credence to the idea that you can’t save anyone, even the one’s “you can see”.

The idea that the whole event of everyone turning into zombies is solidly portrayed in the episode, as it opens with the idea that there’s even a minute chance of saving people, when at the end of the episode, even the people who wanted saving couldn’t be saved. It’s the harsh reality of the world they live in, and the only rule of the jungle, per se, that stands above all. The back stories of Daniel’s skepticism and Strand’s mysteriousness played far to the back row to the main story, and for good reason: it was mainly for time filler. I found myself more engrossed with the family and their ability to survive, not just physically, but mentally as well.


Frank Dillane has truly showed great performances in each episode, and throughout both seasons. He’s given us a true glimpse of the evolution of a character development, and even at a point to where he is now, has expertly placed in nods to his character’s past faults in jest (“I am at-risk youth!”; “Trust me, I know pills”). I find myself looking forward to seeing his character continue to flourish and become something so pivotal to the show that the creators may put his life on the line later in the season.

Overall, the episode was good. Much more enjoyable than last week’s, and definitely on par with the caliber of shows we saw last year. I’m excited to see the way the characters are developing, and how certain relationships will end up by the end of the series. All in all, the show was well done, so here’s hoping that the show doesn’t “Fall Down” on its face now that it has some momentum.

What did you think? How’d you like the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 10/9p.m on AMC.

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