Mai Shiranui announced as next character in King of Fighters XIV


SNK Playmore has released the twelfth trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, which reveals one brand new fighter and the next returning fighters for the new installment.

Mai Shiranui is probably up there as one of the most well-known female fighters in any game and has appeared in nearly every King of Fighters game, with her first appearance in-game appearance being Fatal Fury II. Mai’s deadly kunoichi skills will once again be available to use as she joins King and one yet-to-be-named character in the Women Fighters Team (name still not finalized).


Banderas is a new face joining the South American Team. His dream is to be a ninja and wants Mai to train him. However, Mai calls him a fake as the two chat through the trailer, showing off some pretty good skills including a substitute jutsu, Izuna drop and a few others skills.

If you missed the previous announcement, the game will be released by Atlus in North America. While the game is set to release this year exclusively for the PlayStation 4, no date has yet been announced.

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