Game of Thrones new brew ‘Seven Kingdoms’ has all the hops



Brewery Ommegang and HBO have done it again! Together, they have brewed a new type of brew for the spring season and the return of the sixth season of the hit series Game of Thrones. The new brew Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale, named after the seven kingdoms that were bonded together through marriage, is the ‘marriage’ of traditional Belgian-style wheat and a hop-forward American ale with a strong finish of 6.9% alcohol by volume. Although some of the marriages on the series did not result in happiness, the blend of these two styles resulted in a very hoppy wheat ale.


We were able to sample a bottle and taste the finished product which will be released later this month. The pour was into a hefeweizen glass and was a light tangerine color with a light layer of froth. It had a good amount of lacing and retention. The aroma is definitely wheaty malt and honey, with the taste being smooth, dry, and full of hops. The taste also contained pepper, wheaty, yeasty and pale malts with a bit of tart citrus. There was plenty of carbonation that contributed to the spicy essence. The aftertaste had the taste of pepper and banana to it, but was still refreshing and has a light bitter hop finish to it. Ommegang suggests the brew should be paired with fish dishes, smoked salmon, baked trout, or fish & chips. I sampled it with a light fresh cheese which complemented the citrus hop and light body.

The presentation of the 750mL glass bottle has the standard Game of Thrones labeling and corkage. The design on the label was the astrolabe from the opening credits sequence to the series. If people are wondering what that is in general, according to Angus Wall, creative director at Elastic, the company who created the Game of Thrones introduction, says, “It was, by and large, the same people that I’ve worked with before, which is nice. They were very, very supportive of what we were doing. One of the things that came out of our conversations were the bands on the astrolabe — they’re the bands that surround the sun. We show three close-ups of those bands that tell the pre-history of the world in relief-sculpture form. They tell about dragons attacking Westeros. They tell about how the different houses on Westeros got together and defeated those dragons, and how those houses, represented by their respective animals, bowed in allegiance to the Baretheon stag.”


Overall, Ommegang definitely played it safe with the flavors for this brew compared to their previous brews that contained a variety of spices and peppers, but it was a good safe. It tastes like a Belgian pale ale with plenty of hops, which is great for this spring/summer season. Only 74 brews of Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale were made, which will be distributed to bars and stores later this month.

For more information on the brew and where to find it, click here.

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