Destiny’s April update: Playstation-exclusive content

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Destiny’s April update is about to release and will feature exclusive content for Sony console players, as confirmed by a PlayStation Blog post.

According to the update, PlayStation players can expect the following additional weapon, sparrow, and armour engrams, as well as all of the other content from the date coming to Destiny on April 12.

The Zen Master Sniper Rifle

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A legendary sniper rifle, that has two additional perks:

  • Dynamite: Grants explosive rounds with rapid kills with every round in the clip load an extra, higher-damage round for five seconds.
  • Laser Beam: the extra round from Dynamite will cause a really large explosion.

The Velumbra Sparrow

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Each class can also earn unique armor sets, that you can check out below:

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You can check out Bungie’s website for all of the information on Destiny’s April Update here.

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