Will Captain America: Civil War suck?


As a writer who has had his feet held to the flames on articles in the past that show criticism towards popular franchises like Fallout 4 or Batman v Superman, the truth is that the more I love a franchise, the more I tend to scrutinize it. I never write articles bashing something that I didn’t have the potential to love. In the case of Captain America: Civil War, I am genuinely afraid. I have come up with a few points that stand out as potential reasons that this movie will be amazing as well as a few reasons I think we might be in trouble that I’d like to publish into the world and revisit later to see if these fears were realized.

Reasons To Have Faith in Civil War


Well this is an extremely easy category. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is regarded by many as one of the best movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I personally think that the title of best Marvel movie goes to Guardians of the Galaxy, but Winter Soldier is in my top three. The success of the Winter Soldier is pivotal in trying to predict the success of Civil War because it was directed by the Russo brothers, who are also the ones directing Civil War.

Another major component in the belief that the new Captain America movie is going to blow us all away is Marvel’s confidence this far ahead of release. Standard operating procedure is that when such a huge blockbuster is set for release and a company is afraid that bad reviews will deter moviegoers from checking out the film, they set embargos on media reviews until very close to the movie’s release. We see this sort of thing happen in the video game industry as well. Games that developers think will flop usually get strict embargo dates of 9pm the night before launch. Captain America: Civil War has already been screening the movie with just a little less than a month before launch, and they have okayed the reviews! Not only have they said,”Bring on the reviews,” they have been overwhelmingly positive so far. Marvel has done an absolutely amazing job in the crafting of the MCU, with killer marketing and stories that are drastically different from another that still captivate audiences from all ages.

Reasons I Am Afraid the Movie Will Suck


Nothing is promised in this life. While things are looking great for the Marvel blockbuster, there are a few things that may be seen as concerning as dictated by similar movies in the past, for example, the recent Batman v Superman movie. What should have been a movie about a battle between two of DC’s most iconic characters turned into a convoluted mess that rarely saw any great interactions between the titular characters. We got useless scenes including Laurence Fishburne, a senator we could care less about, and the absolute worst depiction of Lex Luthor known to man. Doomsday could have and should have been the villain of a movie all by himself rather than be relegated to a rushed and lazy origin story where he has been drowned out by a dozen other poorly crafted storylines. DC added everything it could think of into Batman v Superman, and it did not pay off.

My hopes with Civil War is that the focus will remain focused on Captain America and Iron Man and that the rest of the characters will build this storyline rather than butcher it. The Marvel Civil War is an awesome plot device on its own and as a matter of fact, villainy is not needed to tell this story at all. The moral conflict is good enough. Although the new Cap movie is set to have Baron Zemo as a villain, I’m really hoping that he plays a very small part.

Well, we have less than a month to find out how the movie will actually go. I’m holding cautious optimism that this movie will indeed please the masses. We have a lot of MCU to get through before we climax with the Infinity Wars. It is imperative that Marvel continues to make great films while building to what may end up going down in history as the most ambitious film world universe mankind has ever seen.

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