Cyber Dimension Online is next game in Neptunia series


This week’s edition of Dengeki, PlayStation has revealed the next spin-off in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. The game will be called Cyber Dimension Online and deal with a fantasy online game similar to that of Sword Art Online and .Hack.

Even though the game has online in the title, the game won’t actually have any online capabilities. It is referencing Neptune and the other CPU Goddesses playing an online game known as Four Goddesses Online where they begin to notice the existence of others characters and fight off enemies. Vert will also have a big role in the game, but she won’t be the game’s main character.

Here is an image of the game’s artwork which reveals each the goddess’ class: Neptune x Holy Knight, Noire x Dark Knight, Blanc x Priest and Vert x Enchanter. The game is currently 20-30% complete and is planned for a Winter release in Japan.


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