Atlus to release King of Fighters XIV in North America

king of fighters

Since The King of Fighter XIV was announced, SNK Playmore has been doing a great job of keeping the fans excited with new trailers being released every few weeks, highlighting a new or returning character. While we knew the game was set to release later this year, we weren’t sure if SNK Playmore would be releasing the games themselves in North America, or if they would be reaching out to another company like they have in the past.

Well, we finally have our answer as Atlus has officially announced that they will be localizing the game for North American audiences later this year. This isn’t the first King of Fighters game released by Atlus, as they previously released The King of Fighters XIII back in 2010. (It was also the last King of Fighter’s game released.)

King of Fighters XIV will feature an impressive 50 character roster featuring some new faces and plenty of returning fighters.

You can see the 11th trailer below which now features the Atlus logo at the end.

The King of Fighters XIV is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 later this year.

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