Sad Affleck promotes Dark Souls 3 and Gears of War 4

So if you’ve been offline or under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve more than likely encountered the Sad Affleck meme of Ben Affleck looking utterly destroyed when he and Henry Cavill are asked about the… disheartening reviews regarding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Not even the sound of the check being cashed can cheer him up

Not even the sound of the check being cashed can cheer him up

So it comes to no surprise that one of the most soul destroying game series of all time, Dark Souls, has taken a liking to the meme and decided to put it to good use in promoting the latest sequel, Dark Souls 3.

Update: It seems that the tweet has been removed, but the video is still up.

“When you really think about how much you’ve enjoyed #DarkSouls over the years.

Not to be outdone, the people behind Gears of War 4 have decided to use the same song of “The Sound of Silence” in their trailer for the upcoming sequel.

Whether or not you’re excited about these upcoming games, one thing is for certain: Memes can do some work.

Sources: Twitter and Verge

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