Kevin Feige clarifies Marvel Studios’ role in Sony’s Spider-Man film


Spider-Man will be making his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain America: Civil War. This was made possible thanks to a deal Sony and Marvel Studios have arranged. Part of the deal was that Marvel Studios would have a helping hand with the production of Sony’s upcoming standalone Spider-Man film. So what kind of a role will they have? Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige tells Collider that both studios are very hands-on and that Marvel is on the creative side and Sony is at a producer level.

“We’re working very much [together]. It is a— I don’t know exactly what the credits will be, but it is a Sony Pictures production of a Marvel Studios film. The agreement was that it is very much a Sony Pictures movie. Amy Pascal is co-producing it with us and [Sony Chairman] Tom Rothman is leading the charge for Sony and that we are the creative producers. We are the ones hiring the actor, introducing him in this film, and then working right now on the script and soon to be shooting the actual Spidey film.”

Feige has mentioned before that the new Spider-Man film won’t be an origin story, and here he repeats himself.

“We spend a lot of time as we work on these movies saying ‘Don’t take it for granted that the audience saw the other movies or that the audience is as versed in the comic books as we are.’ We take great pains to give you everything you need to know within the context of whatever movie you’re actually watching. However, we did say, if it’s safe to assume anything, it’s safe to assume that everybody knows how Spider-Man became Spider-Man and what that backstory was. We’ve seen it a number of times now, it’s its own well-known mythology. So we said, let’s reveal that there’s been a Spider-Man in the MCU and we meet him, as you see, in [Civil War].”

With Sony bumbling the recent Spider-Man films, it has learned from its mistakes and decided to bring in Marvel Studios to help out. This is great news as Marvel Studios has mostly a good track record for its films. Then there’s also the hope of seeing familiar Marvel Studios characters in the Spider-Man film, so that’s a plus.

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