Rumor: Zelda Wii U to have voice acting, gender select, and NX release

Every Nintendo fan has their radar on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U (or as most like to call it Zelda U) later this year and the serious lack of information only makes the wait more agonizing. Today, however, Nintendo blogger Emily Rogers (who confirmed the existence of a Paper Mario game coming to Wii U) took to Twitter to share rumors she has heard from “very reliable sources” about the game. Here’s what they are:

It was only speculation from fans and journalists that Zelda U would be released on both the Wii U and their next console code-named NX, but this is the first time we are hearing it as a rumor. This would be similar to the time when The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was released on both its originally intended platform GameCube and also the newly-released Wii as a launch title, which only added to the Wii’s ludicrous success that generation. Adding Zelda U to the launch catalog of NX would be an incredibly wise decision.


An interesting addition. Link has always been a male protagonist, but giving players the option to make Link female could make Zelda U more comparable to most action-RPGs of today (Mass EffectDragon Age, etc). The fact that Link was a young man in past Zelda games was almost never an important factor in the stories. If you swapped his gender all you would have to do would be replace “he, him” with “she, her”. In a market where most game protagonists are male, it’s nice to see developers give players the option to decide which protagonist suits them best. If this rumor is true, does this mean we will see more character customization options?


Woah. Hold the phone. This might be the biggest rumor of the three. In The Legend of Zelda‘s 30 years worth of games, it has not once included voice-acting that didn’t consist of only grunts and sighs (the CDi games don’t count). This could be Nintendo’s biggest attempt at expanding their audience because let’s face it: gamers nowadays are more likely to play a game with voice acting as opposed to without. The rumor states that most of the characters except Link will be voiced, so that could mean most NPCs like in castle town or in villages will be traditionally text-boxed. Games like Final Fantasy and Xenoblade Chronicles still do this, giving the main characters voices in cutscenes but text-boxes in gameplay portions. I personally have been a huge advocate for Zelda games to include voice acting, but I couldn’t imagine Nintendo jumping on that train with Zelda U.


Considering the last time we got information for this game was back at The Game Awards in 2014, it’s nice to hear at least something about Zelda U even if they are just rumors. Whether they are true or just a crock of Dodongo dong, we will find out come E3 in June.

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