Kouji Wada, singer of Butter-Fly, passes away


After fighting nasopharyngeal cancer for 13 years, renowned Japanese singer Kouji Wada passed away this past Sunday, April 3rd. He was most famous for his theme songs for the Digimon franchise—the most popular being Butter-Fly, the opening for Digimon Adventure. The cancer was first discovered back in 2003, when a malignant tumor was found in the upper pharynx and lymph node in the neck, and was successfully treated with chemotherapy and surgery. Unfortunately, he had a relapse and went on hiatus in 2011, but was able to return to his usual activities in 2013.

His agency, Solid Vox, will be holding a farewell event for his fans in Tokyo later this month. The event will be called “Wada Kouji Owakare no Kai” (Kouji Wada Farewell Event). Further details will be released later on his official website.

In addition to his original song Butter-Fly, he has also performed the remake of this song, along with a remake of Seven, for the new Digimon Adventure tri. series. He has also performed multiple theme songs for Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Digimon: Data Squad, and Digimon Xros Wars.

Two days before his death, Wada noted on his blog that, “My song Butter-Fly was used for the Koshien high school baseball tournament. I’m so happy. Out of the multitude of songs created and available in this world, that my song was chosen is amazing, I think. Naturally, I’ll be cheering you (the team using my song) on. *laughs*”

Wada died at the age of 42.

Source: http://news.biglobe.ne.jp

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