Kirby and Super Smash Bros-themed diorama kits are adorable


If you’ve been looking for a great way to display all of the amiibo figures you’ve collected over the last year and a half, you are in luck. Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing Super Smash Bros. and Kirby-themed dioramas kits. These will feature slots to place your amiibo figures and different accessories.


The Super Smash. Bros diorama kit is inspired by the Battlefield stage and features five slots for you to place your amiibo. The diorama also includes a Smash Ball accessory which you can place to add that extra detail of action in your diorama.

The Kirby-themed diorama kit includes four slots to place Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee and comes with multiple props including Maxim Tomato, Invincibility Candy, star block, and a Star Pole inside a really cute background to display.

What’s also pretty cool about both of these dioramas kits is that when you aren’t using them, you can fold them for easy storage. Each diorama kit will run about 864 Yen ($8) and will be available later this month in Japan. It’s almost positive that the diorama kits will see a release outside of Japan, seeing as the amiibo line sells very well in North America.

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