Corsair releases new SPEC-ALPHA Mid-Tower Case


Many of us don’t have the luxury of building ourselves new gaming PCs all the time. That is why when we do it’s always nice to choose an attractive case that that is easy to work with and may draw some extra attention at the LAN parties. Corsair has just added a new tower to its Carbide Series called the SPEC-ALPHA that takes their already functional reputation and gives it some added airflow and a modern angular design.

This case includes three 120mm fans and a three-speed fan controller. There are four SSD trays and as you would expect it has USB 3.0 support.

In my last PC build, I used the Carbide 500R. While I absolutely love the 500R, the one thing that the SPEC-ALPHA offers that I wish I had is the pronounced feet on the bottom of the case. The feet on the new tower and the angular aesthetic in general seem to have borrowed from Corsair’s recent Bulldog product line.

Another cool thing about the new SPEC-ALPHA is the variety of colors available. If you are one that really wants to stand out you might want to pick up the White/Red version. The other two color combinations (Black/Red and Black/Silver) are a little more standard.

This new case is available now via Corsair’s official store and impressively costs only $79 US.

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