Actress Bella Thorne talks Ratchet and Clank


After chatting with producer Brad Foxhoven and director Kevin Munroe, we got some time with the lovely Bella Thorne who talked about joining the series as an all new character for both the movie and the game.

Are you a big fan of the game?

Bella: I didn’t play the game but I watched it growing up. I have a really weird thing about watching video games. I have bad hand-eye coordination, but I have a brother who’s really good so I kind of just lived through him. He played this game but he’s more into the stuff like Grand Theft Auto, combat, bloodier video games, I guess. So I did a lot of research on this game, and then after a time, I was like, “OMG, where is my character?” Honestly I’m getting so bothered, I don’t see my character in any of the YouTube videos, and it was making me really mad, but then they told me I actually got to be a whole new character to this whole franchise, and that was a really big thing. Now I get to play with the big dogs, and they really know those characters, so I had to run just as hard as they were.


You’ve done some voiceover roles before, but [your work] was mostly live action. How was your experience working in the booth and not having your body work as you normally would?

Bella: It’s funny because really good acting is not about dialogue, but really about the small moments that make the entire scene, and the intention completely different than what the characters are saying. They could be saying I hate you, but their toes could be inching towards each other, so a really big thing about acting is just with your body. And this was all about your voice, which is a little bit tougher because I’m used to letting my body language do the work. But luckily, doing body language with this is a big thing too. You think you could be saying something that’s really great, but when you put your body into it, there’s a lot of other tones that come with your body literally pushing these words out. So if you think I’m just chilling in the voice studio there, I’m like going “OMG, I’m going to **** you up,” like so into it, like full on acting.

Based on that, Cora’s a bit of a badass?

Bella: Yeah she’s such a badass, which is why I was so hyped to play the character because usually in video games, the girls are usually the ones that die first. It’s always the guy shooting people all the time. My character gets to boss them around, so when I was reading these lines, I was laughing so hard because this poor main character is being told what to do by mine. Good for you, girl, yes!

On the subject of this character being new to the movie, did you feel any pressure going into it thinking about the fans?

Bella: Yeah obviously, because the fans love the other character. What makes me think they’re gonna like mine? I think that was hard. But watching her and everyone looking at the clip, at her main part, was cool because I think people are going to let her in because she’s such a badass in the film, and she knows at the end of the day she’s kinda bitchy to Ratchet, but she ends up liking him and Clank and getting along with them. And that’s a big thing because you’re watching her and going like, “Wow she’s really bossing everyone around. And there’s one more female character that’s not like that and kinda just “Oh, okay, okay, okay” and everyone else tells her what to do, so I think that people will look at this character and think that there’s a guy voice acting that, or a really badass girl with a really low voice.

As far as the process of going from live acting to the voice recording studio, did you do all your scenes alone or were you able to work off the other characters?

Bella: Nope, that’s unfortunate because you have to do it alone, so when they were talking on the panel and they actually for the first time in history got to do it together, and one of the things is that, obviously I wasn’t invited to this cool thing they had, and it’s fine. I recorded by myself alone, and it was super easy. I’m sure we took only a solid 2 hours. I’m really good at ADR voiceover type of thing. I’m really good at making my mouth speak when other people’s mouths are speaking, so that was easy, but usually it’s much harder and you can’t get into the character too much because you’re too worried about making sure the character looks like she’s talking, and once you get over that stump, it’s so much easier.

Can you tell us about how [Kevin Munroe] is a director to you?

Bella: Such a nice guy; totally down for me to be such a badass. And it was cool because I think he really saw me when I walked in with a leather jacket. I’m a really big tomboy, so I think when he saw me, he was like I don’t have to give this girl too much direction, she can just get in there and really get down and dirty and it was really easy. We were just chilling. He’d give me direction and I’d just be like, “Alright, okay I’m ready, and there wasn’t that much direction to give especially since most of my lines were just yelling. There’s only so many different ways you can yell at someone.

These conventions have evolved since they first started. How was your experience been attending them and meeting the fans up close and seeing how passionate they are?

Bella: It’s cool. It’s cool to know because a lot of people call it geeky and stuff, but it’s not geeky. You can be a geek in anything you do in particular. You can be really good at real estate and you’re a geek in that because you’re the best ****ing agent there is. So when people are like, “Oh those geeky WonderCon whatever comic things, I think it’s awesome. It just means these people are such big fans. Like how I so love cats, OMG, my obsession with cats is unreal. I’ve got a cat tattoo, and I wanna get another one because this is just not enough cats on my body. I’m all about cats. So when people see my love for cats, they’re probably like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” but when I see these people’s love for all these different movies and all these fictional characters, it’s so cool. I love coming here and seeing people dressed in crazy outfits and hair and makeup, and they go full out because they love that character.

Were there specific film movies/TV-type things you geeked out about when you grew up?

Bella: I wasn’t allowed to watch TV all that much growing up. I definitely watch it more now. I just started The Return. That is SO good. [I] just geeked out and watched it all day long and we still gotta finish the last episode. That is some good shit right there. There are definitely some things that I LOVE, and really love, and any movie with cats is like, “I love it.”

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