Wondercon 2016: Interview with cast of Bob’s Burgers


With episode 100 set to premiere, series creator Loren Bouchard and a few cast members of Bob’s Burgers attended Wondercon 2016 to help promote it. Before the Bob’s Burgers panel, we had a chance to chat with the cast in anticipation of what we can expect to see in the upcoming season, including what type of mischief the Belcher kids might get into.


When asked about the 100th episode, Loren Bouchard responded with, “It feels great. You do not want to go into this taking anything for granted. We don’t, speaking for everybody. So 100 episodes feel absolutely fantastic.”

One thing Kristen Schaal brought up during a question, “We also don’t like to do pop cultural references if you notice because it kind of keeps the show timeless if you don’t constantly reference a show that’s popular at the moment. So Archer is very popular now, and it would be fun right now, but we want this show to be something you tune into 10 years from now, and you’re just watching it.”John Roberts jokingly adding, “Nobody is laughing at Murphy Brown anymore.”

John Roberts jokingly added, “Nobody is laughing at Murphy Brown anymore.”

There’re some hilarious moments to watch in this 16-minute roundtable interview, which includes Larry Murphy giving a quick impression of H. Jon Benjamin as Bob, and even some insight on this season’s Halloween special.

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