Suicide Squad reshoots reportedly to last 3 weeks


It was reported last week that David Ayer’s Suicide Squad needed reshoots so that the movie can have a lighter tone and more comedy. It would seem that Warner Bros. didn’t want the film to end up like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice since there were those who complained about that movie’s tone. (I don’t think the tone is the big problem since Christopher Nolan did great Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.)

Warner Bros. should be worried about the huge second-weekend drop for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the negative reviews from critics and split reactions from fans.

Now we have a new report from Brett Schulte, a tech consultant, on the set of Suicide Squad that drives the point home about Warner Bros. fretting, especially since the movie is 4 months away. He said that the reshoot will last 3 weeks and hints that it’s a problem since a lot of movies are done in 3 weeks, with reshoots typically lasting a few days.


Wow, it definitely sounds like Suicide Squad may be in big trouble, but with the reshoots, let’s see if Ayer can pull off a movie many can enjoy.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016.

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