Interview with American Dad cast on 200 episodes, favorite moments


Before the American Dad panel at Wondercon, we had the opportunity to chat with series co-creator Matt Weitzman, Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus), Kevin Michael Richardson (Principal Lewis), Scott Grimes (Steve Smith), and Wendy Schaal (Francine Smith) in a roundtable interview about their 200th episode, how the show changed over the years, what fans can expect to see in the next season, and of course, Patrick Stewart.


When asked about Matt Weitzman’s favorite moments with Patrick Stewart, he answered, “The biggest compliment I ever got was that Patrick Stewart was grateful to the show itself for opening the door to comedy for himself. He never considered himself a comedic actor, and being on the show showed the world that he has these amazing comedic chops that even he didn’t know he was aware of. So I think that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard him say.” He continued, “As for any particular episode, oh what did he sing… there is a song he sings when he was sleeping with Hayley in the very first season, ‘Oh, I love little girls. They make me feel so fine.'”

As for keeping the show fresh, Matt said, “You do end up repeating yourself in some ways. You end up using one character with another character and it may have been a similar storyline. The goal is to come up with a new and fresh idea as much as we can. We have a new set of writers. We had one set of writers for the first eight seasons, and then the show wasn’t going to get picked up and people had to go get jobs on other shows. We brought another crew in and luckily we had enough people who were there from the beginning.”


When the voice actors were asked about moving to TBS and what they felt was different about the show, Scott smiled and responded with, “To talk about your character for a moment [referencing Kevin Michael Richardson], what they allow a principal to get away with on TBS wasn’t allowed on Fox. For multiple reasons, Fox might want a principal to be more…principal-ly. So I’ve seen his character just go off the freaking charts.”

There are some hilarious moments from the cast including more comments from Kevin about his character and information about an upcoming musical with Steve trapped in a locker. Be warned, there are some NSFW moments toward the last half. (It’s pretty hilarious.)

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