Sphero updates BB-8 to watch Star Wars with you

bb-8 verge

Sphero has launched an update for your BB-8 just in time for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD/Blu-ray release.

With the update, you can have BB-8 watch the movie with you and interact with the movie if he hears certain characters. He will make noises accordingly depending on the scene, like if it sees Han Solo and Chewy, it will go wild. When Kylo Ren shows, it will try to cower and hide. When it sees itself on the big screen, it will go even more wild with excitement.

Also, make sure you have BB-8 on its charging station so it does not run wild off your table or wherever it might be on. So make sure you download the upgrade to the Sphero software to have BB-8 as your companion to watching the movie.

Via WallStreet Journal

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