Outsiders’ Tina Alexis Allen on playing a badass and standing up to the man


With only three episodes left until the Outsiders season finale, there are sure to be some more drama within the mountain. Big Foster now has his guns to create war and the elders are ready to stand up and fight against the controlling bren’in. Leading the front in the fight against Big is Shurn. After tragically losing her son in episode 7, Shurn stood up against the giant man and rallied with her fellow mountain folk to get rid of him.

We spoke to Tina Alexis Allen, the woman who plays the badass mother, on her role as Shurn. “I love her,” Allen tells Nerd Reactor, “She is just fearless. For sure, she is somebody who is just literal and not afraid of anything. Frankly, at this point of the story, she has nothing left to live for.”

After losing her son from an accidental hit and run by Wade, Shurn wanted answers. It seems like she was the only person willing to stand up to the 6’4″ giant Big Foster, attacking him with a hatchet after finding out about her son’s demise. Her character and the others just had enough. “I think we watched him over the last few episodes shoot people because he wants to make a point. Shoot family members. He’s hit Enoch twice in the leg. He cut off Hasil’s fingers,” she explained. “It’s been building quite awhile and I think we all realized this wasn’t a one time or two time thing. He just shot one of the townspeople right in front of our eyes in the middle of the greatest celebrations of his life – his marriage. That’s just when people thought enough is enough, that’s where we are.”

Allen tells us that Shurn will be actively voicing her displeasure of Big Foster to his face. It looks like we’ll be seeing some more intense interaction between them. “These are really exciting episodes that are going to be surprising and fantastic. I will say in a general way, we are not going to back down going after him and speaking up, particularly Shurn. She is going to have a few more in-your-face kinds of things that are pretty bold and in your face. That’s coming very soon.”

It seems like Big Foster and Shurn did share a history together – especially with her fearless attitude towards him. Allen is hoping to explore their relationship some more in the second season. Allen believes they had a complicated past and some ugly things happened between them to create this tension. “I think Shurn is sort of the two things. She’s a fearless leader, the most outspoken to Big Foster — which is coming. She’s the one willing to confront him in a very visceral kind of way. She’s very capable [of] going toe-to-toe with him despite his size and power.” She said, “Also growing up with him, she sees him as her equal. I think Shurn, overall, she is going to be the one to speak out and to make things right.”

Of course, we’ve only seen the tough side of Shurn, but Allen tells us that her character also has a gentle maternal instinct to protect her clan. She said, “I feel like in some ways she’s very maternal and there are moments where that will show up again, once in the next few episodes. Once the tragedy, it’s going to take a long time to heal that, of course. But, I feel like as that starts to lift, the mother figure will be allowed to surface again. I think that she is incredibly maternal and she has an enormous amount of strength and love for the whole family.” Allen pauses and laughs, “Okay, maybe not Big Foster.”

So with the elders and everyone planning their uprising against Big Foster. Who does Allen think should be the new bren’in?

“Secretly, Shurn thinks she should be bren’in,” Allen teases. “In light of the fact, there is a hierarchy. I think Shurn would be happy to support G’win in any way possible. There was a moment that didn’t make it to the screen where the decision, when Big Foster asks G’win to marry him, we had a moment between us where she looked at me and I looked at her and just shook my head. And, she said yes. That disappointed me as a character. I’m hoping that she has the clan in mind and that she might be thinking outside the box of why she married him. I’m not sure yet but if she does the right thing, I know Shurn would get behind G’win and see another woman be bren’in.”

Hopefully, Allen will get her way with the season ending with G’win at the throne on the mountain. As for Allen, she hopes to explore more of Shurn’s life next season – maybe even a love life.

“I think Shurn should absolutely have a love life!” Allen exclaimed. “I’m not sure who with yet, but that would be nice to explore her as a woman. She has a lot of colors, but she is a woman. That would be really nice. If you want to take it another way, she certainly capable in continuing to be the fighter and leader. I would like to see more of her leadership and that maternal quality coming out. I think she’s a pretty cool character.”

So do we. Geg Geg Yah!

Outsiders airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on WGN America.

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