It’s time for war! Total War: Warhammer Edition first impressions


Total War is back and ready to drum up more conflict than ever before with the upcoming title Total War: WARHAMMER. For those that have yet to get their feet wet, the Total War franchise is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that places you at the helm of gigantic armies that must be controlled with technique, tactics, knowledge and timing so that you may devastate all that stand in your way while minimizing casualties.

While previous games have been placed in more historic battles, the Warhammer edition is taking us into the land of myth and legend where dwarves, humans, and the undead are competing for omnipotence. During my time with the newest Total War, I was placed in control of the undead army including the Vampire Count who has the ability to resurrect fallen allies and foes to fight for his side. I spent many hours in the past playing Warcraft 3’s undead army and it pales in comparison to the variety of units, amount of control, abilities.

Now granted W3 is 10+ years old and was justifiably great for its time and deserved my time and energy, however, with Total War:WARHAMMER being just around the corner, there is so much more to learn, manage, upgrade and just plain do when compared to my favorite RTS in the past.

Graphically this game looks phenomenal being able to move the camera down to the ground level, you really can see how grotesque the undead units are, and even more so, their level of ferocity on the battlefield. There are all sorts of units to control; I used everything from basic skeletons to freshly raised zombies, carrion, and even hell hounds. That is only the beginning of the unit list during my short time with the game.

The story instantly drew me in with its captivating monologues that perfectly walked the line of player interest and length. The voice acting truly seals the deal and inspires you join the undead army on their quest to supremacy in the world. Every element about this game evoked feelings of nostalgia from my past when I spent countless hours playing RTS games, on top of that Total War: Warhammer. Each category for the game is just polished nearly to its limits from the storytelling to the gameplay, to the variety and strategies that you can implement. I anticipate that there are going to be many, many, many more sleepless nights once it releases in the summer.

Total War: WARHAMMER releases on May 24, 2016, for PC.

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