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The very first of two free expansions for The Division will be hitting Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on April 12. These Incursions add a new endgame feature, that’s similar to Missions, but are specifically meant for squad play. The interesting thing about these, are that the level of difficulty will be higher than the current “Challenging” difficulty found on the Daily Missions. Of course, with a stronger adversary comes rewards of high-level loot.

The first Incursion for the game is titled Falcon Lost, and is set in a brand new area. The environment will be an underground water-treatment facility, that also happens to be a base for the Last Man Battalion (LMB).

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll see in the update:

  • The main focus of Incursions will be the hunt for all-new rare gear sets, of which there are 4: Sentry’s Call, Striker’s Battle Gear, Path of the Nomad, and Technician’s Authority. Something to note, is that each set is suited to a particular play style. Meaning, one set is good for players that utilize precision shooting, and another is good for those that are more assault-based, so on so forth. If you’re able to find and equip the 4 pieces that make up a particular set, it opens up a brand-new talent for your Agent. There’s been no word as of yet to the nature of what each talent does for each set.
  • Agent levels are still maxed at 30, but there is now a gear score. This is a culmination of the stats on your gear that will allow you to continue “leveling-up” your character.
  • There will finally be a loot-trading feature, letting you to trade with anyone within your squad. There are restrictions though. Basically if there is a good loot drop for you, but it’s something someone else needs, you can drop it on the ground making it available to other players in your group. If you’re in the Dark Zone, the loot can only be dropped inside the Dark Zone gate. Also, there is a 2 hour time limit from when the drop happens, to be able to trade it.
  • There will be a new addition of Daily and Weekly Assignments. These are pretty much tasks, like killing 15 LMB, for example, that are small goals players can complete daily to earn Phoenix Credits, Division tech, and other rewards.
  • Supply drops will fall from the sky into the Dark Zone, and will be protected by some difficult enemies. Whatever squad gets to it first, gets to keep the loot. Luckily, the loot doesn’t have to be extracted (it’s uncontaminated), so it can’t be stolen from other players once you have it.
  • When your Agent dies, you can now follow your teammates from your death-cam, and offer support while you’re down.
  • Falcon Lost will have two difficulties: Hard mode (Level 31 gear score required), and Challenge mode, which is even harder. Also, there are no checkpoints in Falcon Lost, so if your squad gets wiped out, you’ll have to restart from the beginning. Falcon Lost and other upcoming Incursions will be playable for as many times as you want, and you’ll still be able to reap the rewards of completion with new loot.

After Falcon Lost, the next free update is Conflict, which adds a new incursion into Columbus Circle, as well as some new Dark Zone features. The 3 paid DLC expansions which are releasing later on throughout the year will be Underground, Survival, and Last Stand. Xbox One players will have an exclusive 30-day early access to Underground and Survival, while Incursions and the Final Stand DLC will release on all platforms simultaneously.

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