Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has huge drop for second weekend


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did great during its opening weekend with $166 million domestic box office gross. Even though the film was number one for its second weekend, it took a big nose dive with a 68.4% loss with $52.4 million, with the current total of $261 million.

Fan reactions have been mixed and the critics have been tearing the movie apart. The concept of Batman fighting Superman brought many people to the theaters for the opening weekend, but it looks like word of mouth got around and prevented many others from wanting to witness the spectacle.

Batman v Superman is going to hit $300 million, but it will be a battle from the third weekend and on.

Zootopia is number 2 for this weekend, and although it didn’t open as big as Batman v Superman back in early March, its drop isn’t as big with just around a 30% loss weekend after weekend. This weekend it fell only 16.7% and has a total of $275.9 million. Positive reviews and word of mouth are big contributors to the low drop in numbers.

Warner Bros. will still make money off the film, but my suggestion is that the studio should reconsider changing the formula for the upcoming Justice League movie. (It’s definitely too late since director Zack Snyder will be directing off a script by David S Goyer.)

Source: Box Office Mojo

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