Windows Phone snubbed at Build Conference

While the Microsoft Build Conference brought out some great information for gamers and technology junkies in general, it’s what didn’t get discussed that has some people buzzing. For years Microsoft has integrated discussions about the Windows Phone platform into any stage show opportunity available but it looks like this year the Windows Phone platform was a no-show.

While the talks this year tended to focus on fun stuff like AI Bots and Hololens, the Windows mobile platform was ignored entirely. This can be for many reasons, but is this a sign that Microsoft is waving the white flag on trying to break ground trying to compete with Apple and Android?

The company has realized that becoming the next mobile OS mogul was a bit farfetched and have shifted towards making their goods and services like Xbox Smartglass, OneDrive, and Office Suite easier to use on iDevices and Android-powered phones.

While the Windows Phone faithful can hold on to the solace that the product has not officially been put out of its misery, the future is definitely looking pretty bleak.

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