Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV full recap and trailers


March 30th was an exciting day for all Final Fantasy fans, as Square Enix held their long-awaited Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles! Here, they unveiled 14 different announcements for all their dedicated fans! Several thousand fans were in attendance, along with many thousands more worldwide keeping tuned in on the livestream.

Here’s a summary of the announcements!

1. Hironobu Sakaguchi was in the house! A most appropriate welcome, he opened the event as the first special guest of the night. As the creator of the Final Fantasy franchise, he admits that Final Fantasy is like his “child” and looks forward to many more years with the game in the future.


2. The brand-new trailer Reclaim Your Throne, featuring the “Stand By Me” cover theme song by Florence + The Machine, threw the audience into mad cheers.

3. Yoshitaka Amano, the brilliant artist for many Final Fantasy artwork and design, unveiled his beautiful complexity of art: Big Bang. This masterpiece was also 3D animated and screened at the event.

4. Florence (Florence + the Machine) revealed her excitement at being able to contribute to the beautifully remastered rendition of the “Stand By Me” cover.

5. Gameplay! Of course everyone’s looking forward to seeing how the game looks! Starting off in the plains and rocky mountains, we see Noctis and friends traveling over terrain on foot, chocobo (featuring drifting chocobos), and a gorgeous Audi R8. And we can’t forget the crisp, clear, CGI battle scenes and special effects!


6. Final Fantasy XV: Worlds of Wonder features environmental footage of the many different worlds you travel through as you play the game. With their amazingly talented production team, Square Enix has created an extraordinarily realistic setting for players to immerse themselves in. With the city life, industrial areas, the seascape, port towns, Crown City, gorgeous underground caves, and of course, the mandatory sewers, Final Fantasy XV has indeed created a new universe within its game. I was most impressed by the sun’s accurate lighting in the passage of time.

7. What about an anime? You betcha. Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV is a five-episode anime series covering the backstory of our heroes Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto. First episode is available online now!

8. Or CG movie? Yep. Square Enix is going all out with Final Fantasy XV! The film KingsGlaive focuses on the story of Nyx, a Kingsglaive fighting for the survival of his kingdom and to protect the hallowed Crystal of the kingdom of Lucis.

9. Remember that gorgeous Audi everyone fell in love with in the trailer? Square Enix has commissioned a one-of-a-kind (literally) in existence custom copy of the Audi R8 that Noctis and friends drive. We can imagine no one has the money needed to ever purchase that vehicle.

10. With the CG movie, of course, we need a Voice Cast! Special guest actors Lena Headey (Luna), Sean Bean (Regis), and Aaron Paul (Nyx) were in attendance and spoke about their experiences with the film.

11. As with many of the Final Fantasy games, the mini-game within XV is Justice Monsters Five, which will also be available outside of the game on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 in 2016! As of 9PM PST on March 30th, pre-reg is open now!

12. In addition, Mat Kishimoto from Square Enix America stepped onto the stage to announce Platinum Demo, another game with a separate storyline that both Final Fantasy fans and non-fans can play. Created as a standalone game, players can play as Noctis as a child—or monster depending on where you step—now featuring squeaky hammers! The game is set in Noctis’ dreamscape, with Carbuncle as a constant companion. Of course, if you beat the game, you get to keep Carbuncle in the main game! Best part: this game is FREE! Also available now.

13. Deluxe Edition VS Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Who doesn’t want to own all of these goodies?


ffxv7 The Ultimate Collector’s Edition sold out in the USA within 7 minutes of its release on March 30th at 9PM, but as 30,000 are available worldwide, start hunting, folks! Pre-order yours here now!

14. September 30, 2016! Be there for the release date! Director Hajime Tabata hit the air button for this announcement!



For anyone who wants to rewatch the whole live stream, it’s available here:

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