ThinkGeek’s Aprils Fools products we wished were real!


As an annual tradition for April 1st, Think Geek has, once again, created stuff we wish were real. Of course, ThinkGeek have created some of the toys that they made up eventually, but not all of it. I wonder what will be chosen this year’s fools toys.

Flavor of the Day Desktop Calendar


This lickable page-a-day looks like a fun, but not very clean – especially since this kind of stuff needs FDA approval. It sounds like a great gag gift – lick it, I dare you.

Likelihood of becoming real: NOPE.


Useless Switch Light


Turn on the light… and it’ll turn it off by itself. What’s going on? This would be a great promotional item for the new movie Lights Out, but unfortunately, I don’t see how this would be possible. It would have to take a lot of mechanics to pull that off.

Likelihood of becoming real: Uhh… very unlikely.


Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine


I’d buy this in a heartbeat. The fact that it’s not real makes me incredibly sad. It’s something that could be created because it’s just a sleep noise machine that’s dressed up in a Star Trek theme. The lighting wouldn’t be hard to produce as well. Obviously, the touchscreen probably wouldn’t be plausible without it costing more than the price they placed, but the whole noise machine and night light would work well.

Likelihood of becoming real: With CBS’s backing, this could be possible without the touchscreen stuff.


Attack on Titan Colossal Titan Lawn Ornament


I would be so happy if this were real. Imagine having this giant Titan as a Christmas decoration and wearing a giant Santa hat. How awesome would this be?! As much as I love this, the logistics of this would be really difficult to put together. ThinkGeek didn’t even produce a video for it, so that means it must have been really hard to produce it. It would have been cool, but not going to happen.

Likelihood of becoming real: NOPE.




For Rick & Morty fans, they could own their own Plumbus! Okay, this is plausible to make for cosplayers and fans of the series. I don’t know why no one has made this year, but it’s very weird. The ThinkGeek video for it is also awkward, but that’s to be expected from the Plumbus. I think if ThinkGeek knows they could sell this to a lot of customers and the need is great, it could be made. It could be used as a prop for R&M cosplayers too. It’s just a molded structure and probably wouldn’t cost them that much to make.

Likelihood of becoming real: If the demand is high, good chance.




ThinkGeek have created a roleplaying game mixed with a drinking game. Basically, a drinking game for geeks! Honestly, reading the instructions and what you have to do sounds incredibly fun. I would totally play this. It’s actually not that hard to construct too. Who doesn’t love role-playing games and drinking?

Likelihood of becoming real:Middle… it sounds feasible.


Verticle Landing Mentos & Diet Coke Rocket


As awesome as this would be, this is incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. Also, ThinkGeek just drew a prototype with NO video. So, this isn’t going to happen. Plus, this could too easily be created by your average geek with some bottles and mentos.

Likelihood of becoming real: Unlikely.


Magic: The Gathering – Travel Edition


I don’t know what makes the regular Magic: The Gathering difficult to carry around since… they are just cards, but ThinkGeek decided to make even SMALLER versions of the card came to become compact and include magnifying glasses eyewear to view it.

Likelihood of becoming real: Unlikely. Why buy a whole new set when you could carry yours around easily.


VR Sensory Immersion Generator


A VR sensor generator that provides a ‘multisensory accompaniment to your VR headset for a fully-immersive experience.’ Yeah… this… this is just obvious that it’s fake. I mean, come on.

Likelihood of becoming real: NOPE.


The great thing about ThinkGeek is that they want to know which products you’d like to be real by answering their survey here. So, maybe the VR sensor canon can be real, but it’ll probably be for more than the price they listed. They probably will create the products that would be easy and cost-effective to make. My best is on baRPG, Plumbus, and the Star Trek White Noise Machine.

Happy April Fools!

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