Let’s take a look at Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Gold: Infinite Gold

It’s that time of year again when Konami releases gold… or to be exact, Gold Secret Rare and Gold Rare cards, thanks to the newest release from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Premium Gold: Infinite Gold.

Last year, we’ve seen quite a few changes in how Konami released cards. Infinite Gold is no different with highly sought-after cards from recent sets like Kozmo, Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer, Archfiend Eccentric and even Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. It adds 21 new cards available in the TCG, which includes two previous prize cards now available for the first time without having to win a major event or spending a few hundred dollars.


While I was hoping to get a few cards to add to my decks including the ones I mentioned earlier, I was still pleased especially with Number 106: Giant Hand. There are some great cards in this set (minus Virgil and the exclusive card for this set, Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal), and it won’t be too hard to make a budget Burning Abyss deck.

Premium Gold: Infinite Gold does a great job of making some of those expensive and very sought-after cads a lot easier to obtain for your deck or side deck without needing to spend a lot of money, buying boxes or getting them from the second-hand market. With everything else you end up getting, it’s not too hard to trade for what else you may need from this set as well.

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