King of Fighters XIV adds Geese and Ryo

SNK Playmore has released the 10th teaser trailer for the upcoming King of Fighters XIV game, which introduces two more characters to the roster.


The first character introduced is long-time final boss Geese Howard, a former student of Tung Fu Rue and the man who killed the father of Terry and Andy Bogard. Geese shows off his ferocious counter-attacks for the first half of the trailer that just counters any attack. Geese joins Billy and one yet-to-be-announced new character as part of the South Town team revealed in a previous leak.


The second character revealed is also a long-time KOF veteran. Ryo Sakazaki will join his long-time friend and fellow Kyokugenryu student/master Robert Garcia as part of the Art of Fighting team.

There is still a large number of character that has yet to be revealed including some new faces, along with many familiar characters which we’ll see more of in future teasers. King of Fighter XIV still has no official release date, but is planned for release sometime this year as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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