Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises comic book in the works


The Bruce Lee Foundation have announced a first ever official comic book of the legendary martial artist – Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises.

In a video released by CEO Shannon Lee, The Bruce Lee Foundation and Darby Pop Publishing are working together to create a comic book about Bruce Lee’s life if he had not passed away and reawakened in present day with no memory of what happened over the last 42 years.

The double issue, written by Shannon Lee and Jeff Kline and artwork by Bernard Chang, will be available in the official Bruce Lee store and local comic book stores next Thursday.

This is not the first comic book ever of the legendary star. Malibu Comics published a six-issue Bruce Lee miniseries written by Mike Baron and art by Val Mayerik in 1994. Now, 22 years later, we’ll see Bruce Lee back in action as he adjusts to present day life.

Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises will be released on April 7th. Get your copy here.

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