Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim expansion review


Like a lot of players, I was excited to play Star Wars Battlefront when it came out late last year. I loved the idea of playing as iconic characters in iconic places and being able to feel like I was part of the Star Wars universe. However, after a while, I pretty much stopped playing. I played all the multiplayer modes at least once and the repetitiveness of the same few maps wore on me. It wasn’t that I stopped liking the game, I just picked up other games that held my interest longer. So when the Outer Rim DLC came out for season pass holders, I thought I would give it another go. Will it be enough to get you back into the game? It depends.

Season Pass

First let’s talk about the Season Pass. Getting the season pass means you get the first four expansions that EA has planned leading into early 2017. Not only that, but you also get them 2 weeks earlier than everyone else. The big question is what will this cost you? Well if you bought the Ultimate Edition of the game then the Season Pass was included, so you are set. Those that bought the Standard or Deluxe Editions of the game needed to buy it separately. The pass itself is about $49.99 on its own. So you are looking at spending a minimum total of at least $110 to get the base game and the season pass. That seems like an awful lot of money to pretend to feel like you are in the Star Wars universe. And, honestly, based on the first expansion it doesn’t seem worth it.

The First Expansion: The Outer Rim

The first expansion included in the season pass, The Outer Rim, released on March 22nd for passholders and will be released on April 4th to be purchased on its own. Included in the DLC are 3 new maps, 2 new heroes, a new game mode, new cards, and a new weapon.

New Locations

The three locations include Jabba’s Throne Room, the Sail Barge Garage, and an industrial area of Sullest. Jabba’s Throne Room and the garage are pretty big maps with lots of tunnels and small areas for close firefights as well as larger areas for team clashes. Sullest is a pretty small map with a medium size area for big fights, but the majority of the time it wound up in close-quarters firefights. The only mode that I got to play on that map was the Heroes vs. Villains mode, which worked well on that map, but made for very short matches. The detail on these maps is up to par with the original maps, showing areas that are iconic from the movies along with other areas that may not have been seen in the movies.

New Heroes

Two new heroes have been added to the fray, one for each side. On the side of the Rebel Alliance, we have the iconic character Nien Nunb. Nien’s main trait is his turret that becomes stronger the more enemies he kills. In addition to his turret, he also has a Rapid Pulse Cannon and an Orbital Strike, which in close quarters is a proximity bomb. Fighting for the empire is the infamous slow shooter Greedo. His abilities are centered around a confidence meter ranging from 1-5. Greedo is definitely a late game character as he starts out as a so-so fighter, however, with each kill he gets, his confidence meter goes up and he gets stronger. For each tier that his confidence meter hits, his grenades and precision shots get stronger. Because of the popularity that this DLC seems to have gathered, I was never able to play as Greedo since he was always chosen too quickly. I was, however, able to play as Nien and he is probably one of my more favorite characters to play with. All of his abilities help you  deal damage and are great in close quarters or in the open.


New Game Mode

The new game mode, Extraction, is pretty fun, but not very unique. As the Rebels, you must activate and escort cargo to its pick up location while the Empire tries to deactivate the cargo and stop you. The cargo only moves once activated so it is key to remain with it to make sure it stays moving. The only map that I played this mode on was the Sail Barge Garage, which was the perfect map for it. Although this isn’t necessarily an original game mode, it is still fun. As the time runs out it get’s pretty intense with both teams fighting over the cargo.

Additional Content and Features

With the Outer Rim DLC, new weapons are available such as the new Relby V-10 rifle and DT-12 blaster pistol. New Star Cards are also available including Scatter Gun, Dioxis Grenade, and Adrenaline Stim. The Scatter gun allows you to show solid shards at the opponent dealing more damage and breaking their shields easier. The Dioxis Grenade releases a poisonous gas dealing damage to a group of enemies. Lastly, the Adrenaline Stim gives you an instant full health boost to get out of sticky situations. That is personally my favorite new card as I tend to run and gun a bit more than I should.

In addition to the DLC only content, EA is also releasing some new features and updates to the game as a whole for all players. Some of these features include an increase in level cap, Hutt Contracts – which are side goals that unlock cards and weapons, a Spectator Mode, and the option to combat roll. For a complete list of updates and additions, visit the announcement on the website here.

Overall Reaction

Sure, it’s a fun game, especially with friends, and the Outer Rim Expansion adds a bit more, but is the content worth it? Well that honestly depends on how you feel about the game. If you are a die-hard fan, play this game multiple times a week and have a squad that plays together, then maybe the Season Pass and expansions are for you. If you are a casual player, like me, then maybe the best option would be to wait until the expansions are released on their own and purchase them individually. Looking ahead at the content that is in the Season Pass, it doesn’t seem worth the $50 price tag. To put that in perspective, that is $10 less than the full game and you aren’t getting anything close to an additional full game.

Yes, for what it is, the Outer Rim expansion is a fun addition to the Battlefront game. The new mode is fun, the maps are interesting and provide excellent team fights, and the addition of new weapons is always good. The gameplay was solid and I didn’t experience any glitches or faults in the expansion. However, looking at the larger picture, this expansion left me wanting more and the Season Pass content seems like a little addition at a large price tag.

Rating: 3.5 Atoms

NR 3_5 Atoms - B-

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