What to expect from the second season of Fox’s Wayward Pines


The cast and crew of Fox’s sleeper hit Wayward Pines came together to WonderCon to talk about their upcoming season and what to expect from this science fiction mystery thriller. They shared some secrets during the press roundtables and their live panel.

  1. There will be more twists. The executive producers Donald De Line and Ashwin Rajan wouldn’t reveal much other than there will be more twists involved this season. Donald De Line commented, “There are going to be [some twists] coming. Some really strange ones. Some that might be a tiny bit controversial even. Who knows?”
  2. The series has been planned out for at least three seasons ahead. The producers said they would not have continued with, what they thought was a limited run series, unless they had a plan for the next season. “We didn’t expect it. We thought we were ten and done. We had our beginning, middle, and end. It was never designed that way,” says De Line. “A lot of thought and care was given into where the story would go in this next chapter. There actually is an endpoint. This season and then one more beyond we know where the story is culminating.”
  3. There will be flashbacks. The executive producers hinted at flashbacks, but it was later confirmed by EP M. Night Shaymalan. He tells us, “There is a lot of huge storytelling opportunities. Because the format is about time – flashbacks are a huge part of what I was doing before, why did they do this, why did they pick me, why am I here, and all that stuff.”
  4. Jason Patric’s Theo Vedlin is important. Theo is a surgeon, which could cause some problems for the new town leader Jason (Tom Stevens). Patric, who only shot two episodes so far, tells us, “I have a strong feeling that [there] will definitely be some leadership conflict.”
  5. Theo has scenes by himself trying to figure stuff out. “I’ve only done not even two episodes yet. I’m trying to figure out this guy – Theo Vedlin – the surgeon that is dropped in the middle of Wayward Pines. I don’t have definitive idea of who he is or where he’s going.” Patric adds, “A lot of it is Theo by himself marching around by himself.”
  6. Theo’s wife was in Wayward Pines before him. Patric confirms that his character’s wife was there before his arrival. He tells us a little bit about her, “All these characters are recreated once they go to Wayward Pines. The woman who plays my wife was a very successful architect. She now cuts hair in Wayward Pines.”
  7.  Djimon Hounsou’s CJ Mitchum knows everything. As the town’s duster aka historian, CJ knows all the secrets of Wayward Pines. Hounsou confirms, “He comes out every 20 years and takes care of the infrastructure of Wayward Pines.”
  8. We will see the original inhabitants of Wayward Pines. Called in the book “the Originals”, this first generation were born in Wayward Pines. “They’ve always been there. They don’t have any institutional memory or connection to our world. So they see things very differently.”
  9. Sex will play a big part of the season. Author Blake Crouch reveals the town needs to repopulate, so sex is encouraged. Crouch tells us,”What is humanity is to do to reproduce to continue our species? So the whole approach to sex ed, for instance, what we’re having fun with in season two, is totally different from our world. Two kids come home out on a date – 13, 14 year olds – going to their room. Their parents go hey, you two should go up to your room and shut the door for awhile. Knock yourself out. Sex is fun. Sex is good. It’s this fun, playful approach to this crazy topic that we could only do in Wayward Pines.”
  10. We will see the return of many familiar faces of season one. The EPs confirmed Carla Gugino, Melissa Leo, Charlie Tahan, Toby Jones, Shannyn Sossamon, Tim Griffin, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Hope Davis, and Tom Stevens.
  11. Theo and CJ may meet in the third episode. Patric spoke about the series as an Adam and Eve sort of tale, “This pocket group is supposed to repopulate and decide what the world is. Highly explosive situation to be in – philosophically.” Hounsou hinted, “We do have an interesting scene coming up about that.”

Wayward Pines season two premieres on May 25th, 2016 on FOX.

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