Jason Mewes will appear on Kevin Smith’s The Flash episode


Kevin Smith just wrapped up his episode of The Flash last week. The Clerks director has been very vocal of his admiration for the show and this year he revealed that he would direct one episode for Season Two. During this past week’s episode of Hollywood Babble-On, Kevin talked about his involvement and how he was able to get longtime friend Jason Mewes a role on the show.

Mewes is a huge fan of the CW shows like Arrow and The Flash, and while Smith was shooting in Vancouver, he came up to visit him. Unbeknownst to Kevin, the writing team wrote a small role for Jay since he was there on set.

“I’ve seen that dude cry twice; once when he was holding his newborn child and once when he was told he was going to have bit part on The Flash.”

Kevin revealed that he does have a speaking role but not as everyone’s favorite convenient store drug dealer. Mewes will appear twice in the show, one as a speaking role and another as a character in the background.

While Smith didn’t talk too much about the plot of his episode, he did reveal that he has been asked to come back. Even Grant Gustin himself has asked him to return to do possibly four episodes next season.

Stay tuned for more information on the 21st episode of The Flash, which will likely air on April 26. You can check out the full episode of the March 25th episode of Hollywood Babble-On below. The Flash part is from 1:41 to 16:36.

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