The mind behind SVCC’s The Lord of the Rings dresses: Ashley Fee

This past week in the North California area, SVCC (Silicon Valley Comic Con) took place. As most of you know, comic conventions tend to have their own fashion shows – featuring lots of original cosplay work as well as loved character costumes made to their extremes.

Well, Ashley Fee, aka Ashpash Cosplay, recently made a small line of Hobbit/Lord of the Rings-themed dresses for SVCC’s fashion show and presented it this weekend at the convention. It ended up winning a judge award, respectively, and has been floating around and getting a lot of recognition recently. So, as a special, we get some insight on how the Shire and the Mordor dresses were made, and how much time and thought went into them.

Ashley Fee // LOTR dresses

Nerd Reactor: How long did it take to make the dresses?

Ashley Fee: I had been planning the dresses for quite a while but was only able to start working on them at the end of February. So about three weeks for both dresses, although I was a bit rushed on the Mordor dress.

NR: What’s your favorite part about it?

Ashley Fee: My favorite part was probably trying to capture the spirit of the two settings. It was fun to make a peppy looking dress for the Shire and then a dark intimidating dress for Mordor. I also have to say painting the parasols was fun.

NR: What was the worst fallout you had while making the dresses?

Ashley Fee: We had a major hiccup with Charlotte’s dress at the top part and straps became necessary if you get what I mean…

NR: How did you feel when you won the judges award?

Ashley Fee: I was surprised. When it came time for them to announce winners and then called out Lord of the Seams, I was like “Hey cool, that’s the name of my project.” And then I stood there a couple seconds not registering that we had won. Because I hadn’t expected to, but then I was all warm and fuzzy and couldn’t stop smiling.

LOTR dresses / x2

NR: What has all the positive feedback been like?

Ashley Fee: The positive feedback has been amazing. I was making the dresses because I wanted them. So the fact that others have been so excited about them I was just floored. So many people came up wanting pictures and to see the details up close and I was just so happy I almost cried more than once. The Lord of the Rings fanbase isn’t quite as loud or doesn’t have as much of a presence as say like Marvel or Star Wars, so to see the fans come up and be really excited I actually did something with something they love was just inspiring. It has me really excited to make more things.

NR: Would you ever continue on to make more dresses like this and feature them in fashion shows?

Ashley Fee: I have a lot more dresses planned. I was tired of waiting around for someone to make Lord of the Rings-inspired fashion and so I decided I was going to do it myself. These two dresses were actually my third and fourth Lord of the Rings-inspired dresses. The one that started all this was my Knight of Gondor Dress. As for featuring them in fashion shows, I just might. I want to put them out there to be seen. To inspire.

Aren’t the dresses just amazing?! You can find more of Ashley’s work here, and follow along with her blog as she shares insight on her works in progress! I’m looking forward to seeing what type of fashion she’s going to create next. Also, can you believe that these were all hand painted?!

(Picture credits: Rayna Golden)

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