Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 review


The city of San Jose was the center of the first ever Silicon Valley Comic Con on March 18th-20th. The event, hosted by Steve Wozniak, saw a huge turnout for the first year. The con promised to be different from other comic cons that you may attend. Did they live up to that promise? Yes and no, to be honest.

Like most comic cons, SVCC had a wide variety of venders selling comics, collectibles, replicas and more. The artist alley showed hugely talented artists selling prints of their original art and promoting their own books. There were also a lot of big names there, like a lot of the bigger cons. SVCC had Stan Lee, Jeremy Renner, Peter Mayhew, Nathan Fillion, and much more. Of course, most of them did panels, like Stan Lee, for example, who talked about his favorite cameos and why he doesn’t like the Doctor Doom movie costumes since they have never done it right. Jeremy Renner also did a panel and tried to help a 12-year-old kid understand why Hawkeye liked Black Widow in The Avengers, but had a wife and kids in Avengers: Age of Ultron.In that sense, there really wasn’t a huge difference between any other comic con. Really though, that is ok. I mean how different can those be and it wouldn’t be comic con without them and it provided some great classic comic con moments.

In that sense, there really wasn’t a huge difference between any other comic con. Really though, that is okay. I mean how different can those be? It wouldn’t be a comic con without them, and it provided some great classic comic con moments.


There were some differences, though. SVCC brought “together America’s two greatest superheroes: Pop Culture and Technology.” One thing that was there a lot more than other comic cons was technology. Starting at the entrance to the main hall, attendees were requited to scan their wristband on a digital pad to track data of some sort. It seems as though the wristbands were equipped with NFC technology and used to track attendees entering and leaving the hall. The wristbands were given at random so no personal info could have been on them. It seems as though The Woz wants to be sure about traffic numbers in preparation for next year. And of course, the data was being tracked on iPads. Aside from the wristband tracking, there were VR demonstrations, 3D printing vendors and a section called App Alley where developers can showcase their new projects. Never before have I seen that much tech at a comic con and that was awesome.

Overall, Silicon Valley Comic Con seemed to be a major success. It had a classic comic con feel but had just enough extras to make it a little unique. Even though there were some experiences that can be had at other comic cons, this one was fun and I can see it becoming another staple in the comic con roster. I can’t wait until next year and see what they have up their sleeves for year two.

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