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The mountain men are playing some games in front of Big Foster’s home. They begin to roughhouse until Big Foster sees Asa come to his home. He reprimands them for not protecting his fortress. Asa goes inside and is confused to see G’win inside. Asa tells Big Foster they could get more guns with Farrell wine. G’win tells Big Foster to let Asa handle it. Big Foster then tells Asa that he took G’win as his wife. Big Foster tells him if Asa brings him guns, he’ll be welcomed back into the family.

Back in the basement of one of the homes, the townsfolk men are beating Hasil. Breece comes down and tells them to stop it. He goes out to call Haley to fix it. Haley shows up to the house and talks to Hasil. She offers him a job to be a liaison between her and his people. Hasil accepts if he gets an advance on the money. Angry, James warns the next time they catch Hasil, he’s going to kill him.

Meanwhile, Ledda, Deputy Fults, and the police are looking for Wade in the forest. They find his missing truck, but no Wade. They go back to Wade’s house and find Caleb sitting in the living room. Caleb tells everyone that Wade wasn’t there when he came back. His deputy finds the damaged police car in the garage. Wade is still stuck underground. Fults drops Caleb and Ledda home with Ledda telling Fults about Wade’s wife jumping off the bridge. She infers maybe Wade jumped off the bridge. Fults and another deputy are at the lake with the deputy suggesting that Wade killed his wife and made it look like a suicide. Unfazed, Fults shuts down the deputy and tells them to drag the lake, but due to budget issues, they have to do a full search near the mountain.

Wade is crawling underground trying to find a way out, but his flashlight slowly dies out. He begins having withdrawals from the drugs and hallucinates having dinner with Andi-Ray and his father. He asks her where did she go.

Big Foster questions G’win about Asa’s appeal. He confronts her about her feelings for Asa. She tells him she has no feelings for him and wants Big Foster to kill him. Then Krake comes in with the wine he’s been asking for. Annoyed, Big Foster comes out and sees his men messing around. He yells at them that they were supposed to be looking out for him and shoots Enoch in the leg. He tells them if anyone come to them with a firearm, he wants them to shoot them. G’win takes care of Enoch’s leg and tells the men that she’s going to need all of their help if they don’t want anyone else getting hurt.

Krake refuses to provide Asa more wine because he gave Big Foster a gun. Asa tells him it’s part of the bigger picture. In the end, Krake gives him more Farrell wine. 

G’win goes back to her healer shack and is being followed by cousin Phil’Up who was told by Big Foster to do so. She tells him to leave. As G’win is cutting Big Foster’s beard, they talk about him shooting Enoch has everyone scared. She tells him to trust her and he does. Lil Foster comes towards Big Foster’s home with a gun. The men don’t want to shoot him. Lil Foster tells his father to shoot him. Big Foster refuses to and walks away. Lil Foster tackles his father, but his father pushes him off. Lil Foster grabs a gun and points it at Big Foster and then points it at himself. He pulls the trigger, but the gun doesn’t work causing Lil Foster’s hand to be injured.

Asa goes looking for Hasil at the church lady’s home (where Sally Ann took Hasil where they made love). Sally Ann hits Asa and he tells her he’s looking for Hasil and he knows all about Sally Ann. He was hoping to find him here. He tells her Hasil and him are going into business. He just needs some fruit jars. Sally Ann and Asa begin preparing the moonshine in the fruit jars. She tells him she’s saving money to get away. Asa tells her the truth that Hasil isn’t good with money and how he lost his fingers. He also tells her she’s going to need to help him because he’s new to civilization.

Donnie and Asa bring more moonshine to Abel and his gun fort. Abel tells him they won’t take the shine, instead, he asks for cash. So Donnie sells the moonshine from his shop. He sells some moonshine to a customer who ends up being arrested for nudity.

The elders gathered together to question Big Foster for shooting Enoch’s good leg. Krake gives his testimony. Enoch blames himself. G’win stands up and defends Big Foster. This prompts him to trust G’win even more.

Hasil returns to the home with Sally Ann. Asa comes in and asks Hasil what happened to him with all the bruises. Hasil tells him he got a job and already quit. He gives Asa some money he got from the advance. Hasil and Sally Ann make up for lost times.

Lil Foster attempts to hang himself but is stopped by Asa, who cuts him down. Asa tells him he’s not worth it. Lil Foster tells him to stay out of his business. Asa continues to walk in the forest but is stopped by Krake who takes him to where all the elders are. They all have agreed to get rid of Big Foster. Asa is in.

Outsiders airs on Tuesdays 9/8c on WGN America.

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