Manhunt and Bully to be re-released to the Playstation Store


About thirteen years ago a Playstation 2 game was released that “shocked” the United States media. If you’re thinking Grand Theft Auto then you just swung for the ball and missed. The game I’m talking about is Manhunt. When Rockstar released that game, it was deemed so violent that it would change youths into lunatic murderers if they played it. Surprisingly, I played the game and I’m a normal part of society today. Looks like the media was wrong, right? 😉

Well one thing we’re reporting that’s true about Rockstar’s Manhunt is that it’s now available on the UK Playstation Store along with Rockstar’s other title, Bully. Bully didn’t make as big of a headline as Manhunt, but it’s still a legit game. These re-releases will have full 1080p up-rendering and trophy support, so that’s pretty cool. We’re not sure when or if this will be released into the U.S. Playstation Store, but hopefully it’s soon. Manhunt is pretty tame when comparing it to all the other mature games that have been released since its initial controversy.

Source:  GamesRadar

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