The final word for Nassau – Black Sails XXVII Review


The dust has settled in the aftermath of last week’s episode of Black Sails. Charles Vane has been captured while freeing Jack Rackham from Woodes Rogers’ custody. The leftover cache of gems from the Urca de Lima gold have been secured by Flint, and Rogers has been injured in the process. On top of that, Hornigold appears to know that Flint’s crew hides in the horizon and has set sail to settle their feud once and for all. Black Sails XXVII inches us closer to the climatic season finale and the threats of war have been lingering for Nassau from several angles. Last week’s episode had an impact felt from all parties, and the fallout will push one side to finally make a move.

Preparations have been put in place for Vane’s trial. Eleanor decides to visit Vane to offer him a chance to save himself from humiliation. By agreeing to a plea bargain, Vane would be sent to England and see a fair trial and executed mercifully. Vane sees right through Eleanor and taunts her with the death of her father, given that the charges against Vane did not include his murder. As she leaves, Vane claims that Richard Guthrie betrayed her (possibly to Hornigold) when he was captured. She assaults Vane in a rage of emotion and denounces him before leaving. As she returns to Rogers, she sees him bedridden due to a fever he received from his injuries. While receiving instructions from his council, he announces everything that needs his attention would have to pass through Eleanor and she would relay the message. Bewildered, before the council was able to question him, Rogers dismisses them.


On Nassau, a stranger is retelling a story of Charles Vane to whoever can hear him. Having been told by Featherstone of Vane’s execution being held in England, Billy has sent him to make his execution matter to the people. By gaining the attention of everyone on the island, Billy hopes the people of Nassau would demand his execution be held in Nassau, a process that could take weeks, to allow them time to break him out. This is also brought to Eleanor’s attention and deduces that it can’t be a coincidence that, after Vane’s capture, someone would attempt to ensure his execution remains on Nassau.

Flint races on back to the maroon island, with Hornigold hot on his tail. Hornigold is concerned why Flint has not slowed so close to shore, and with a quick drop in the anchor, the Walrus is flung to its side and guns are drawn directly at Hornigold’s ship. While commanding his quartermaster to change course, Hornigold also notices a small army on the beach and heads back to Nassau. Meeting with the Maroon Queen, Flint reveals that they have the treasure and that Hornigold should return within a week with a greater force from Nassau. While they prepare for the upcoming battle, the island also mourns the loss of its king, Mr. Scott. While mourning and conducting sacrificial rituals for Mr. Scott, Rackham wonders the plan in place for the upcoming battle against unfavorable odds. Rackham acknowledges favorable positions but knows that Vane played a key part in that battle and offers himself to Flint.


Out of breath and slightly confused, Featherstone brings word to Billy that a speedy trial was put in place for Vane and has already been conducted. Vane’s execution is scheduled that day and both Featherstone and Billy rush back to Nassau. The gallows have been built in the middle of the square and Vanes is brought in front of everyone. Billy gathers about a dozen men ready to start confusion to allow them to free Vane. With a few men in place, Billy pauses as Vane is standing waiting to be hanged. Vane motions Billy not to move forward with what they have planned, has a few words to the crowd that starts a spark in their minds. From cheers about his execution, the crowd lay silent as the carriage holding him up is pulled away and Vane twitches helplessly. With gasps and shock, the crows looks to Eleanor as three men pull Vane for a quicker death. Billy sees the spark that Vane knew would be created from his execution, the uprising against Nassau has begun.


The final pieces to a well calculated game of chess are now in place. Flint holds the treasure that Spain is demanding from Rogers and has a sizable army to defend it. Hornigold aims to retrieve it, but Eleanor steps in and puts together a fleet to invade and raise the island that has the cache of gems. She knows what Flint is capable of and knows that Hornigold is walking into a trap, or at least a battlefield into his favor. A full scale invasion is the only means to their success of retrieving the gems. Vane’s execution struck a cord to the residents of Nassau, one that Rogers would not have intended. Eleanor may have stepped over her boundaries by pushing Vane’s execution and could have set the course for Nassau’s fall. Flint now has the people of Nassau under his grasp and after a successful battle against Hornigold, Nassau is theirs for the taking. The final trump card is now in Teach’s hand with the vast fleet secured while in Nassau.

With news of Vane’s execution, what role will Teach play in Nassau, and will Flint return to island under Teach’s control? A shocking death has upended Rogers’ grasp of Nassau and with war imminent, Spain will be the last thing on Rogers’ mind with both Flint and Teach aiming on retaking Nassau. The climatic finale is upon us, with everything culminating to this last stand against England. Black Sails has been building toward war and Nassau will never be the same.

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