Stan Lee reveals his favorite and least favorite Marvel cameos

Although several Marvel movies have certain superheroes or settings in common, especially the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the greatest constant in these films has to be Stan ‘The Man’ Lee himself. He might’ve missed a few, but the Marvel architect has appeared in over 20 of its films and might just show up in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse and Dr. Strange. It’s a fun bonus for Marvel fans when they witness that little cameo that’s become synonymous with these films.

A few months ago, Lee said that his favorite cameo was in Deadpool where he played a DJ in a strip club. However, it looks like he’s changed his mind. According to, Lee said at Silicon Valley Comic Con that his favorite cameo was actually in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

“I loved the one that I did, I think it was in The Avengers (he meant Avengers: Age of Ultron), when I want to have a drink that Thor is drinking,” explained the Godfather of Marvel Comics. “It’ll be too strong for me, I think. And I drink it, and in the next scene they’re carrying me out.”

If you remember, it was a pretty hilarious scene in an otherwise darker Marvel picture.

Lee didn’t stop there; he continued to dish out the goods, apparently. According to a related report by, he described his least favorite cameo as well.

“My least favorite cameo was like the second one I ever did. It was a Spider-Man movie,” Lee told the audience at Silicon Valley Comic Con on Sunday, referring to his cameo in 2002’s Spider-Man. “Everybody is looking up going ‘ooh,’ and I’m one of the guys looking up going ‘ooh’ …for one second. And I resented that because it didn’t give me a chance to show the full power of all my acting… I had a long talk with the director after that. He apologized, of course. I think in the next one [Spider-Man 2 (2004)] I was looking at another accident and they gave me another second to go ‘ooh’ like that.”

But the jovial icon had to add, “Seriously, I don’t have any non-favorite cameos. It’s just such fun to be there.”

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