Hunter x Hunter returns April 18


Popular manga series Hunter x Hunter will return on April 18th! Infamous for its many hiatuses and frustrating many dedicated fans, the series has hooked its claws into many hearts with its brilliant storyline and action-adventure scenes. Starting next month, the series resumes with the Ankoku Tairiku (Dark Continent) arc.

The last time we saw a new update was back in 2014 when mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi took a two-week break for health issues.


Hunter x Hunter features young Gon as he travels to become a hunter and find his father, who also went on an adventure to become a hunter. Along the way, he meets former child assassin Killua, the last of the Kuruta tribe with the scarlet eyes Kurapika, and an aspiring doctor Leorio. From the very start, Togashi holds his audience in suspense as he thoroughly develops each of his unique characters in a way that keeps everyone wanting more. Caution though, while the series starts relatively light with mild gore, expect much more and darker themes as the story progresses and steps into seinen manga territory.

The series has had two anime runs with the original released back in 1999 and a remake in 2011.

Keep an eye out for April 18th!

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