Charlie Cox on villains he wants to see in Daredevil season 3

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Spoilers if you haven’t seen season 2 of Daredevil

Did you get a chance to binge-watch the entire second season of Daredevil over the weekend? If not, then what are you waiting for? Personally, I didn’t think it was as strong as the first season (I prefer Steven S. DeKnight as the showrunner), but it was still a solid follow-up with great performances by Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle and Elodie Yung as Elektra.

Season three hasn’t been officially announced yet, but that’s not stopping Charlie Cox, who plays Matt Murdock, from having his own list on which villains he’d like to face next. He told Screen Rant he wanted to see Bullseye make an appearance, along with Marvel and Netflix doing a Punisher series.

“If we are fortunate enough to continue making the Daredevil series, I can’t imagine doing a run of Daredevil where Bullseye doesn’t show up at some point. It would be great to have him around at some point. Who would play that part I have no idea but I just think there’s such an interesting, rich character there, and also of course, the history that Bullseye has with Karen Page is an interesting dynamic. When you read the comics it’s etched in a Daredevil memory all that stuff.”

In season two, Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) made a brief appearance and was still a force to be reckoned, even inside prison. Cox expressed how he wants to see more of Daredevil fighting Wilson.

“I’d also like personally, again if we continue to make the Daredevil series, rather than have a new character every season I’d love us to explore more of the Wilson Fisk stuff. It’d be great if at some point Vincent D’Onofrio would come back for a season. There’s so much Daredevil-Wilson Fisk left untold. As he really came into his own, as Wilson Fisk turned into the Kingpin at the end of season one, I’d love to see what that now does to the Daredevil-Fisk dynamic going forward if we were to do a season three or four or whatever.”

Are you looking forward to season three of Daredevil? What did you think of Jon Bernthal as the Punisher and Elodie Yung as Elektra? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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