Death Battle has returned with Dante vs. Bayonetta

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So Death Battle has finally returned with two ridiculous fighters, Dante vs. Bayonetta!

See who’s the better warrior below.

Now that you’ve seen it or just kind of scrolled down to the bottom because you can’t stand the 3D fights like yours truly, be warned that there are spoilers ahead.



Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s discuss reactions from yours truly and the community at large.

I guess the latter is more hilarious, considering that Bayonetta’s creator wasn’t exactly too happy with her getting exploded by Lucifer.

hideki mad

Of all flavors, he picked salty.

Of course, it comes to no surprise to me that Dante won, just from his nigh-unstoppable levels of endurance, and stamina more often than not trumps strength.

As per usual with Death Battles, there’s the reveal of the next two fighters. Well, one of them anyway.

bowser reveal

This honestly has me wondering whom he’s going to fight. The only opponent that comes to mind is Robotnik, and if you haven’t seen the 1 Minute Melee version of that fight, you really should it’s a good fight. Though having seen that, if the two enter the actual Death Battle arena, we might end up getting another repeat result.

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