New King of Fighters XIV trailer reveals former NESTS member Sylvie


The eighth trailer for King of Fighters XIV adds three more characters to the next installment of the series, two of them returning characters, along with one new face.

Newcomer Sylvie has quite an eccentric taste in fashion. Her full name is Sylvie Paula Paula, which may be an homage to Japanese pop idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as they both wear some very blight and over the top outfits. Don’t let Sylvie’s looks fool you. She is also a former member of the secret syndicate NESTS.

As for returning characters, Kim Kaphwan returns and is more interested in showing the power of Taekwondo, stepping away from trying to reform former criminals. Vice also returns and still looks as deadly as ever with a new costume that resembles her outfit original King of Fighters series instead of the suit she wore in XII and XIII.

While we still have plenty of characters that haven’t been announced yet, Sylvie’s announcement comes after a leaked image that shows off almost the entire roster (minus the boss and final boss). Vice will team up once again with Iori and Mature to make up team Yagami, Sylvie will be joined by two more mysterious faces for the official invite team, King of Dinosaurs will team with the already announced Angel, and the yet to be announced Ramon will return.

It even looks like Samurai Showdown’s Nakoruru will also be joining the King of Fighters cast as part of the “Another World” Team.


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