Star Trek sets course for the Big Apple!


By Michael Nguyen

Star Trek’s 50th anniversary is around the corner and there are tons of events scheduled all over the world to honor the cultural phenomenon.  One of the most exciting events is Star Trek: Mission New York, a convention being held in New York City ON September 2-4, 2016 at the Javits Center.

However, this is not the first time Star Trek has graced the Big Apple with its’ presence!  New York City was the original site for the first Star Trek convention in January 1972.  Now, over 44 years later, Trekkies can celebrate the 50th and the return of a Trek Con to the Big Apple!

The convention is being produced by CBS Consumer Products and ReedPOP.  Reed Pop has managed some of the biggest pop culture events in the world, including New York Comic Con, Vienna Comic Con in Europe, and Oz Comic-Con in Australia.

Fans from all over are excited about this event.  Some fans feel it comes at just the right time.  Kayla Iacovino, editor shared, “I think Mission New York is going to be pivotal.  With the new CBS All Access Trek series coming out next January. September is prime timing for big announcements.“

New Yorkers are happy about Trek coming to their backyard.  New Yorker Jonathan Slavin is looking forward to the advertised immersive experience. He tells us, “I like the idea of interactive exhibits. Being immersed in the Star Trek universe and sharing the event with my kids and friends. I am very excited that NYC is getting its own Star Trek event.  It’s about time and should be a yearly thing.”

Fans are also expected to arrive from all over the country.  Trekkie Amber Elliott from California is planning on making a trip out to New York for the event.  “I am coming all the way over there because I love attending conventions,” She adds, “I feel that this one should be even more fun because it’s a 50-year celebration.”

You can purchase tickets and merchandise here.  The guest list and exhibitors list are still in the development stage, but if you like gathering with Trekkies and want to celebrate the 50th, Star Trek: Mission New York looks like the right place to be!

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