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Right on the eve of a new Hitman game, we were able to get our hand on the PlayStation 4 port of Hitman GO. Hitman GO is a strategy game that was originally developed for iOS and Android devices. The game is a simplistic board game-like take on the Hitman series that presents many of the game’s key components in a unique and different way. I’ve seen the game a few times on Google Play marketplace but never getting around to actually playing it. Being pretty familiar with the Hitman franchise, I was interested in trying out the game.

The first thing I would like to say is that this game isn’t for everyone. If you like strategy games or enjoy playing chess, then I think you will find Hitman GO very interesting. The developers do a great job of stripping the franchise down and adding it to a strategy based game that is fun and quite challenging. Much of the game’s levels are based on familiar Hitman objectives. Each level uses a three-star completion rating that most mobile games like Angry Birds have. Each star you obtain will allow you to unlock other playsets in the game. Each set of levels revolves around a certain setting that will be very familiar to Hitman fans. There are even two sets that are based on Blood Money and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. 

Your objectives in the game will range from obtaining a briefcase to taking out the target. The levels become more difficult when they begin to add stipulations like try to complete them without killing any of the guards or completing the level within a certain number of moves. Each added objective gives variety to each level and will make you contemplate every move. Enemies have a wide assortment of attributes and will range from patrolling guards to even K9 units. While one enemy may just stand still and only attack you if you cross his line of sight, another like the K9 units will be able to sniff you out even in disguise and will chase you throughout the level. What makes this game so interesting is that with every move you make, you enemies will also move. While sometimes it may seem easy to sneak behind one guard, the level difficulty only gets harder and harder when you 4 or 5 guards with different attributes crisscrossing their routes you will have to choose your moves very carefully. 


Like I mentioned earlier, you will be able to change into an enemies’ uniform. This will make you undetectable, but only to those who wear the same uniform. Things can get pretty interesting when you have to change in and out of multiple costumes. There are guns in the game, but they are rare and only get to be used once. You will be able to use Agent 47’s trademarked silenced double pistols, which will allow you to shoot in four different directions.You will also have access to a Sniper Rile that will allow you to pick off any enemy on the board, but most of the time it is usually one specific enemy that you need to strategically kill in order to open up the board. Now on paper, this may not seem that interesting of a game but I actually had a lot of fun playing it.

What I liked about the game was that it really made me think. At first, it seems like a pretty simple premise, but as I advanced in the game, the levels just got harder and harder. I only wished that there was some form of multiplayer or, at least, v1 because there were a lot of moments where I felt that the game could be applied to that gameplay style with one person controlling Agent 47 and the other using the guards. My only gripe with the game is that there is really nothing that separates the console port from the mobile game. In fact, I feel that this game is better experienced on a mobile device rather than a console. There were times where I felt that using the controller was entirely unnecessary when all you really needed to do was move around and hit the action button. Regardless, I found Hitman GO to be really fun. It challenged me mentally and gave a unique spin on a well-established franchise.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

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